Dog Cones, Do Dogs Really Need Them?

Vets alway tell everyone that they need to purchase a dogs cone to put around their neck after they are spayed or neuter or any surgery.  Since I have been breeding, since 1995, I have only had to use cones … Continue reading

Are Dog Colour Blind?

Good question, so I have been doing research on the subject for 10 years now.  Some scientists say that dogs are colour blind, other scientists say they can see only a little colour and some scientists report that dogs aren’t … Continue reading

Should Chihuahua Breeders Tape Their Dogs Ears?

Many Chihuahua breeders around the world have been and are still tape up their dogs ears in order for them to stand up straight and not be flippy floppy.  Many of these dogs are going into the show ring and … Continue reading

Chihuahuas Live Here

If you don’t want to be greeted with paws and wagging tails, don’t come inside, because Chihuahuas live here. If you don’t like to feel a wet nose or a wet tongue, don’t come inside, because Chihuahuas live here. If … Continue reading

Little Chihuahua

Tucked away in his miniature body, All,  in the canine world, that’s best; He’s “all dog” in the smallest package, Full of vigorous life and zest. How he loves, with a love ‘most human.’ Never a woe that he does … Continue reading


What do you think of when you hear the word Chihuahua? To me, I think of cuddly, compact, kissable little pups and dogs.  Quiet, playful and adorable faces.  Loyal, obedient family pets.  Loveable, outgoing, energetic, one of a kind Chihuahua. … Continue reading

Candy Gave Birth To Five Long Coat CKC Reg’d Chihuahua Pups

Candy had her long coat CKC Reg’d Chihuahua pups this morning July 11/12.  Three males & two females, they are all doing well.  It was a long and hard labour for Candy, but she was a trouper and was in … Continue reading

Short Coat Chihuahua Pup

Sapphire has one pup left available for sale, he is Shylo a very tiny little boy with a large heart.  He loves to cuddle and gives kisses.  Our door is alway open for visits to meet all our Chihuahuas. … Continue reading

Candy’s Due Date

Jones Chihuahuas’ Candy, our long coat CKC Reg’d Chihuahua has 10 more days until she is due to have her pups.  We are all ready and have already shaved her belly, so the pups will be able to find Candy’s … Continue reading