Jones Chihuahuas Testimonial 32

Pixel Pixel is the absolute best dog ever.  I don’t ever go for a walk with out someone on the street stopping me to tell me what a cute dog she is.  She is so sweet, she loves to cuddle … Continue reading

Jones Chihuahuas Web Site Awards

Here are some of my Web Site Awards that I have received and Ethical Breeder Awards as well.   Awarded to top quality dog and puppies for sale sites. a top quality Chihuahuadog breedsresource   Dog Breeds Dog Breeds Ethical … Continue reading

Jones Chihuahuas Plastic Tub Dog Bed

For years I have been making my own dog beds and have found my dogs love to sleep in plastic tubs.  I cut the entrance, 3 peek-a-boo slits for circulation with a dremmel drill, then I use a razor blade … Continue reading

Jones Chihuahuas New Award For Top Dog Website

I just received my 9th award for my web site, it is nice to know that some people enjoy my web site and all the information it contains.  I work hard to always improve my web site, so people have … Continue reading