At Jones Chihuahuas pups that are sold as pets come with a non-breeding contract (determining a date by which they must be spayed or neutered), a written health guarantee, a 6-Week HeadStart Trial Coverage of Insurance includes $1,000 of Accident & Illness protection for six weeks, 80% reimbursement of veterinary fees from a licensed veterinarian, $100 deductible per incident, a 48-hour waiting period and no premium, plus other value added benefits. Pups go to their new home after they reach nine weeks old, have their first set of shots and are dewormed.  By this time the pups have had their dewclaws removed and are tattooed.   Pups have been socialized with children and are accustomed to different social environments.  All the litters of pups are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club & can be registered with the American Kennel Club.  I (Theresa Gilchrist) am a Premier Member of the CKC.

Deposit & full payment is preferred by way of E-mail Interact Bank Transfer or cash in person on the same day the dog is picked up and the sale agreements signed.  I do Not except any Cheques of any kind. Chihuahua for Sale, chihuahua pups,

To put a hold on a pup under 9 weeks old , a non-refundable/non-transferable $500 deposit + GST can be made toward the purchase price of the pup.  The remainder is due when the pup is nine weeks old.  Please note that all deposits are non-refundable/non-transferable in the event that a buyer backs out of the agreement to buy the pup.   Deposit is only returned if the purchased pup should die or have any health issues before leaving our home. When purchasing a pup over 9 weeks old or an adult dog, full payment must be paid to hold the dog. 

All pups leave with their puppy package which includes:  favourite toy, baby blanket, puppy food and USB drive with pictures and video of the pup from birth to the time they leave our home.  All retired adults also receive a package with USB drive with as many video and pictures as possible of the dog/pup and it’s parents, grandparents extra, dog food, blanket and if they are toy motivated, they take their toys with them to their new home.

Possession date for pups under 9 weeks old age will take place at 9 weeks old and if the pup turns 9 weeks in the middle of the week, the possession date will take affect on the first weekend.  For pups or adult dogs over 9 weeks old, possession would take affect no later then three days from the date in which the full payment was given for the pup or adult dog.  If purchaser can’t pick up pup or adult dog at this date, a BOARDING FEE will occur, until the date the new owner can pick up pup or adult dog or have them shipped.

Possession date will be given and should an extension possession date be required boarding fee will apply.  Boarding fees are due on the first day of boarding.  BOARDING FEES 

Refund Policy:  If before two weeks from the “date of Possession” a Purchaser no longer wants the said purchased dog, a $500.00 + GST non refundable deposit will apply.  Before any refund is given to the Purchaser,  the Breeder must have possession of said purchased dog and the Breeder’s Veterinarian must verify that the said purchased dog is in good health.  Only then will the refund apply.  Should Purchaser no long want the said purchased Chihuahua after two weeks, no refund will apply.  

Please read though our Non Breeding Contract and our Written Health Guarantee before putting a deposit on one of our Chihuahuas.

After a deposit is given for a pup that is not old enough to leave our home, the new owner may visit as often as they like with an appoinment and each week pictures are emailed to the new owner and if any video is made, the owner will receive the link to the You Tube video.

Pups and adult dogs have different prices depending on the Chihuahua’s age, sex, size, pet quality or show quality.  Chihuahua prices one each pup/adult dog is different, because they are all individuals and GST is also charged on each dog.  When email us about prices of our Chihuahuas, you will have to tell us the name of the Available Chihuahua you are interested in, in order to give you a price.  Do not contact us if you are just price checking and haven’t taken the time to read through our web site.  We are firm with all our prices.  If a Chihuahua pup/adult dog is sold on an open contract for show/breeding, the prices are higher depending on sex and pedigree.

Prices for our Chihuahuas are subject to change as I, the breeder sees fit.  Once a deposit is given or full payment is given the price and contracts are binding.  If a pup’s info is taken off the Available “puppies for sale” page, it is sold. 

Failure of Purchaser to take possession of said dog within two days of possession date will automatically begin boarding costs @ $24.00 + GST per day and must be paid at the time the Purchaser takes possession of said dog.

Customer appreciation discount:  Jones Chihuahuas offers a 15 % discount to costumers on the purchase of the second, third & fourth Chihuahua, priced at or over $1,700.00, with in a 3 year time period of purchasing their first Chihuahua from us.  The Chihuahuas must be purchased in to  emendate family members only and not to friends or distant relatives.

Remember purchasing a Chihuahua should not be an impulse buy and should be planned out.  They can live 12 to 21 years old.  It is a large responsibility and you should never rush into purchasing any animal.

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