Adults For Sale

Updated June 27, 2014

 I am firm on all my prices, all our prices are different for our adult Chihuahuas and our puppies.

Below is Harmony (short coat) Female, she is being retired from my breeding program, she weighs 5.4 lbs. Harmony is SPAYED, has her teeth cleaned and anal gland cleaned as well.  She is ready to leave our home now. Harmony was born May 18, 2012.    She is a playful girl that enjoys playing with other dogs and cuddling up at night to watch a movie.  She loves  children and spends most of her time with our 4 year old daughter.  Her shots are due in Aug. 1 of 2014.  She is an outgoing girl that loves children, other dogs, everyone she meets.  She is a kisser and only barks when someone is at the door and you aren’t there to answer the door.   CLICK HERE to see Harmony‘s You Tube video.  CLICK HERE to watch Harmony‘s second video.

Harmony HarmonyHarmonyHarmonyHarmonyHarmonyHarmonyHarmonyHarmony


Dyna was born February 10, 2009. She weighs 5 1/2 lbs. Dyna is a SPAYED long coat Chihuahua, a sweet little girl that loves to cuddle and give you lots of kisses. She is a quiet, she likes a quiet home and loves to cuddle.

Dyna Dyna