Health Guarantee

   Theresa Gilchrist (Breeder), 1206 – Twp 590, Pickardville, AB
Mailing Address Box 143, Rochester, Alberta, T0G1Z0, Phone# (780)349-2868
Email at,

Litter & Dog Information:

Breed: Short/Long Coat Chihuahua

Name of Reg. Dog: ___________________________________

CKC Reg. #:  ________________________________________

Date of Birth & Sex:  ___________________________________

Colour & Markings: ____________________________________

Tattoo #: _____________________________________________

Sire’s Name & Reg. #: __________________________________

Dam’s Name & Reg. #: __________________________________

Date of Sale: __________________________________________

Buyer Information:

Name:   _______________________________________________

Address:  ______________________________________________

Phone (home):  __________________________________________

Alternate Phone:  ________________________________________

E-mail Address:  ________________________________________

Purchase Date:  _________________________________________

$ amount:  _____________________________________________

Terms and Conditions

Seller warrants that the above named dog is in good health at the time of sale and providing the following agreements are in place, the seller will issue a health guarantee against illnesses caused by the breeder, a genetic or congenital defect disorder that would cause death, for the above named dog, for a term of one year from the date of purchase.  For this health guarantee to be in effect all of the following steps must be followed.  Buyer agrees to have the above named dog examined by a licensed Veterinarian with in two (2) days (not including weekends and holidays) of receipt of above named dog.  Proof of a Veterinarian’s examination report must be either emailed or faxed with in two weeks from the date of the above name dog’s Veterinarian examination.

If the Veterinarian determines that the above named dog is in poor health, either due to an illness caused by Breeder or a genetic or congenital defect disorder that would cause death, the Buyer can elect at this time to either keep the above named dog or return the same to the Seller for a refund.  If the Buyer elects to return the puppy, Buyer must present to Seller the written Veterinarian’s certificate as proof of the illness or disorder that above named dog had at time of examination.  Buyer shall be obligated to return the above named dog to Seller at Buyer’s expense.  Upon receipt of the above named dog and Veterinarian’s certificate, if the illness is the fault of the breeder or an illness of genetic origin, the Seller agrees to refund the purchase price to the Buyer.   Refusal to bring dog to the Veterinarian within the above required time will void this health contract.  All action taken to return the above named dog shall be done in the best interest of the dog.  Should the above named dog die from a genetic or congenital defect before it reaches one year of age, the seller will replace the dog.  This will be done only if the buyer presents the seller with a Veterinarians’ certified copy of the Death Certificate and Autopsy Report to prove the above named dog died of a genetic or congenital disorder.  The certificate must include the above dog’s tattoo series number and a description of the above named dog.

This Agreement is signed by both parties with full understanding and constitutes a contract, which is legal and binding.  This agreement is consented to for the wellbeing and protection of the above named dog.  If any part of this Agreement is breach by the Buyer, the Seller (breeder) is released from any obligation under this Agreement.

The Purchaser agrees that if for any reason they cannot take care of above named dog that they will return above named dog to below named breeder.  Purchasers agree not to sell or give above named dog to any person or establishment except for below named Breeder without below named breeder’s permission.

Refund Policy:  If before four days (4 days) from the “date of Possession” a Purchaser no longer wants the said purchased dog, a $500.00 non refundable deposit will apply.  Before any refund is given to the Purchaser,  the Breeder must have possession of said purchased dog and the Breeder’s Veterinarian must verify that the said purchased dog is in good health.  Only then will the refund apply.

Should Purchaser no long want the said purchased dog after four days (4 days), no refund will apply.

Signature of Breeder (Seller): __________________________________________

Signature of Buyer (Purchaser)

I/We have read and understand the above and agree to all terms and conditions contained therein:


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