Picking Up Your Chihuahua

Picking Up Your New Chihuahua

Things to do before taking your pup home

  1. Make an appointment  to pick up your Chihuahua on a day that will be suitable and stress free.
  2. Make an veterinarian appointment for your new dog’s health check.
  3. Puppy-proof your home.  Whether you bring home a pup or an adult dog, you must have your home scouted for safety.  Get down to the dog’s level and check all the rooms were the Chihuahuas might enter.  Make sure there are no electrical cords to chew on, no children’s toys to chew up, no crawl spaces to get stuck in etc.
  4. Purchase the basics you will need before you pick up your Chihuahua.   Save the harness and any clothes for later after the dog has reached adult size. If you buy them earlier,  be careful when fitting the clothes and keep in mind that puppies grow very quickly.
  5. Set aside quality time during the first few days to bond with your new puppy and to reassure it in the new environment.
  6. All dogs must be paid in full on or before the day of pickup, so make sure you have handled the business side of things with cash or money order.
  7. Like bringing home a real baby, the first few nights are mostly sleepless, so be sure to get lots of sleep the night before you bring your pup home.  The first night is always the hardest as most pups will cry when they are separated from its siblings and the only home it has ever known. They will take time to adjust  and will need extra love and patience.
  8. Read through all the information on the Jones Chihuahuas web site and if you have any questions email or phone.  Even after a dog leaves our care, we are happy to answer any questions that may arise.

 On the day you pick up your new Chihuahua

  1.  Please leave plenty of time for the drive to our kennel so that there is no stress and you can enjoy this significant day.  Remember that your breeder has a schedule as well to keep, so please call if there are going to be any delays.
  2.  If the drive home is longer than 4 hours, you should bring some newspapers for the Chihuahua to go to the washroom on and a bowl with bottled water.
  3. You must  have a kennel with blankets in your care when you come for your Chihuahua.  They might whine or bark when they are in it, but normally they settle down after 5 to 15 minutes.  Some Chihuahuas have been known to get car sick.  If they  throw up or get diarrhea, clean up messes immediately and replace any soiled bedding.  It is better for them to get sick in a kennel rather than in your lap or sweater.  Plus it is safer for your Chihuahua to be in a kennel when you are driving.
  4. Hold your new puppy carefully with two hands at all times and if they struggle to get down, carefully put them down right away.  Remember that  a fall can be fatal for a small dog or they could break a leg.
  5. All paper work will be completed if it was not completed earlier and full payment will be confirmed.
  6. During the visit, I will review with you the health of the Chihuahua and anything you need to know.  There will be plenty of time to answer your questions too.

Arriving home with your new Chihuahua

  1. When you get in the house with your new Chihuahua make sure you put them in their safety zone area so if they have to go to the washroom, it will be in the paper box and not on your lap.  When pups get excited they can pee a little, so wait until they settle down before picking them up.  Let them get to know their surroundings.  Make sure that they have food and water to drink in their safety zone area.  After the Chihuahua has gone to the washroom and is settled down a little, you can pick them up and spend some quality time with them.  Limit the area in the house so there will be fewer accidents.
  2. Praise your Chihuahua when it goes to the washroom on the paper box or does anything positive.  Your Chihuahua is bound to have some accidents in the first week to a month until it gets to know their surroundings.
  3. Remember the kennel staff are still there for you and you can either email or call them for any questions that may come up and they will be happy to answer them.
  4. Free feed your pup, that is make sure there is puppy food available for them to eat at all times.  Chihuahuas over 12 months old can have 1/3 cup of their adult food set out and when it is gone, no more dog food until the next day.  Always have clean water out for your Chihuahua to drink.
  5. Offer them small treats, toys to play with, and most importantly lots of love and attention.  Enjoy each other’s company!
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