Planned Litters

Our Planned Litters                                                                  Updated: June 19, 2017

When the pups are born, their info and pictures will be posted on this page.  When the male pups are four weeks old, their info and pictures are moved on to the Available “puppies for sale” page. At that time, I will be taking a $500.00 deposit on the male pups and when the females are 9 weeks old I will be taking full payment on the Available females that I am selling.  People interested in my pups can take the time to get to know me as their breeder, by visiting in person, through Skype or FaceTime. The prices of the pups will be known when they are three weeks old and no earlier. Prices of the pups below will range from $1,800.00 to $2,300.00 each Plus GST .05%.  I am firm on all my prices.  I don’t keep a waiting list, so the people that keep in contact with me and take the time to get to know me will be the people that get first pick.  In the end I am the one that matches up the pups to the owner and not the first person with money in hand.  Please take time to read through my web site so it will answer many questions for you.

 After reading through my web site, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Salvia, Dec. 28:16.Raiser, June 29, 2016
Salvia and Raiser are expecting their litter of long coat pups on July 15, 2017.  The pups will be ready to leave our home after they have their first set of shots, dewormed, tattooed and have their dew claws removed.  I will know what I am charging for the pups until they are 3 weeks old and will only take deposits on the pups after they are 4 weeks old.  The pups will be able to leave our home after September 16, 2017.  Pictures of pups will be posted when they are born.


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