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Updated: Oct. 12, 2017 

The pictures of the pups, do not show their wonderful personalities or truly show how beautiful they are or their smaller size, so come visit and see for yourself. Pups look larger in the photos, then they really are.  I have to zoom in to take pictures and video so you can see them.  Click on a picture to enlarge it to see the pup better.  

Visit our Available page to learn more about our deposits, payments, puppy package, free pet insurance & much more.

All pups are registered individually with the Canadian Kennel Club before leaving our home & pups are not sold unregistered. 


Visit our Available “Planned Litters” page to learn more about our up in coming litters. 

Amur and Jacob will be the last pups I will be selling, before I retire from breeding.

Miss Maple and King‘s long coat Neutered male “Amur” was born on March 7/17. He is ready to leave our home.  He has two sets of shots with his rabies, tattooed, dew claws removed and dewormed. He love children and adults. He is very outgoing and is fully paper trained.  He is a kisser and loves to cuddle up close. He will be full grown between 4 1/2 lbs to 5 lbs.  It will take two years before his coat is fully grown in.  He is fully paper trained.

Amur, June 29:17

Below is Jacob, Salvia’s and Raiser’s long coat male Jacob, born July 18/17. He has his first set of shots, dewormed, tattooed and has his dew claws removed.  He is very outgoing and a marshmallow in your arms when you pick him up.  He loves to cuddle.  Jacob will be full grown between 5  to 5 1/2 lbs. He loves children and any one he meets and is partially paper trained.

Jacob, Sept.14:17. Jacob, Sept.14:17 Jacob, Sept.14:17...



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