New Puppy Shopping List

Supplies To Buy Before You Bring Your New Pup/Adult Dog Home

  • Dog/puppy food that does not contain any filler, corn, or any animal by-products.  It is important to have a container to put the dog food in once you open the bag, so it will stay fresher and taste better.  I feed my dogs “Now” dog food.
  • Bullwrinckles (bones), beef tendons/ligaments are great to chew on and are digestible.  Raw hide chews are not recommended because they are not digestible and can get caught in the intestines.
  • Mats & bedding – Pups under 1 1/2 year old should not have any bed made from foam (because they may pee on it or dig in the bed and shred the foam into little pieces) Easy washable beds are best.
  • Pet food dishes & bowls.
  • Pet carrier or kennel – For pups/adults safety in vehicles when you are driving alone.
  • Stypitc Powder (Nik Stop) if for Clotting the nail quick when you are clipping the pups/adults nails. If you accidentally cut a bit of the quick you will need this to help stop the bleeding.
  • Dog Nail Clippers – cat clippers are easier to use then dog clippers.
  • Collar, Harnesses & Leashes – Collars with bells should be on puppies and small adults so that you will know were they are.
  • Rubber brushes & grooming tools.
  • Safety Pen or X-pen for a safety zone area for the new Chihuahua to be in when you are not able to spend time with them.
  • Toys – Soft chew/squeaky toys are best, no rubber.  Nothing with beads or anything hard part that can be chewed off.  Stuffing free toys are wonderful for older pups and adult dogs.
  • Taller Plastic Storage Tub with notch cut out for males or females that like to lift their leg.  Short Plastic Storage Tub with out notch for males and females that don’t lift their leg.   Lots of News papers.  For inside house you will need low or tall plastic storage tubs and lots of news papers.  Do not use pee pads from the pet shops, if it feels like material the dogs will want to go pee and poo on material or rugs.
  • Optional – clothing and doggie purses, dog stairs, four poster beds, jewellery.