It is preferable that new owners come to the kennel to pick up their new dogs.  However when it is necessary to ship a dog, I prefer to communicate with the buyer by Skype or by phone so that I can be assured that the dog is going to a real home.  Booking a flight for the Chihuahua is done after all the paper work is completed and full payment is received.  Note that the price of the dog does not include the cost of shipping.

The shipping fee is $370.00 for Canadian destinations.  Payment for shipping must be received before or on the day the flight is booked.  Booking can be made as recent as three to five days before the actual flight.  For shipments within Canada I only use West Jet Airlines.

For safety reasons, pups must be four months old before they can be shipped.  I do not ship pups between November 1 and March 31, because it is too cold for the dogs to be shipped.  I don’t ship adult dogs between December 1 to February 1.  Pups/adults are shipped in a portable kennel 24” X 16” X 41” (61 cm X 41 cm X 35 cm) with a bed, blankets and soft toy.  All paperwork, the Chihuahua’s USB drive with pictures & video and food are taped on top of the kennel.

I don’t ship to the USA or other countries, I have the new owners come visit us and take the pup/adult dog home as a carry on.