New Video of Sophie’s Chihuahua Pup Posted on You Tube

New Video of Sophie & Blaque’s short coat CKC Reg’d Chihuahua pups.  Enjoy You Tube Video   … Continue reading

Chihuahua Play Time

Play time is very important for dogs of any size.  Chihuahua pup’s ears come up faster when they are playing and dogs that play a lot during the day tend not to be over weight.  So play with your dogs … Continue reading

“Picky Eater”

Sharron emailed me with a question about her 3 year old Yorkie/Chihuahua X female.  She wrote telling me that her dog is healthy, except she is about 1 lbs over weight.  Her dog is a picky eater and only likes … Continue reading

Making Your Own Treats For Training

Making treats for your pup/dog is very easy.  Take a plastic or glass jar and put one cup of your pup’s/dog’s kibble into it.  Then cut up into cubes 1/4 cup of garlic sausage or strong tasting cheese and put … Continue reading

Spring Shedding

Your dog might be going through their spring shed.  I have three dogs that are going through the same thing right now, because it is getting warmer outside. They are loosing their winter coat and growing in their summer coat. … Continue reading

Pictures of Sophie’s pups

I just added 6 pictures of Sophie’s pups on the “Planned Litter” page.  They are adorable.

Sophie Had Her New Litter Of Pups

Sophie had her pups this morning at 12 am.  She had one cream/white male, two black tri females and one fawn female.  All are doing wonderful. … Continue reading

Wonderful Cleaning Product

I have found a wonderful cleaning product that I have been using now for 1 year.  It takes stains & removes odours in your rug or clothing.  It is called Nature Clean.  It’s contains deionized water & hydrogen peroxide.  It … Continue reading

Night Time

I took this picture last night, I couldn’t resist taking it. … Continue reading

Cookie’s Short Coat Males For Sale

Meet Jones Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chip for short & his brother Jones Dark Oreo Cookie, Oreo for short.  Both boys were added to my pups for sale page.  Watch their You Tube video and enjoy. … Continue reading