Chihuahua Breeders

What To Look For In A Purebred Breeder Chihuahua

Searching for a dog is now easier than ever before.  Thanks to the Internet and excellent magazines that provide breeder lists, dog clubs and show announcements, there is no lack of contact information.  Plus, there are dozens of ‘how-to” books on the market.  At first glance it would seem that finding a dog that fits your lifestyle is as easy as pie.  With the availability of free professional advice, almost everyone can safely experience years of satisfying dog ownership.

Should you decide not to buy a dog from an animal-shelter but rather to select a purebred dog with a good health and temperament, you must be prepared to do research.  Start by reading through the “Dogs’ Annual” book, available from pet shops, which list the different breeds and breeders that register their dogs with the Canadian Kennel Club.

Here you will find a diverse selection of experienced, enthusiastic and definitely opinionated breeders.  In point of fact breeders can differ in opinion on such basics as housebreaking, puppy-food requirements, crate-training and the best ways to handle discipline and obedience.  Should you wish to contact a few breeders you will find that some won’t have time for you.  These are more interested in whether you are serious about buying their dogs or not.  They’ll tell you the cost of the dog, but they won’t ask anything about your needs or the type of home the pup is going to.   Everyone has their own style of running a business but in my case, the practice is to get to know each family’s needs so that there can be a good match and a successful transition for both puppy and new owner.

It can be eye opening to make some on-site visits to see the diversity that registered Kennels offer with their “adorable, home-raised” puppies for sale.  We are well aware of operations like puppy mills.  These breeders may make an initial outlay to purchase pedigree dogs to serve as parents but other than that the outlay of funds spent in the care of the breeding pair and their offspring is as little as possible.  Alert!  Legitimate breeders are now warning each other ‘through the grapevine’ when they suspect a prospective buyer has that kind of hidden agenda in mind.  To discourage unscrupulous buyer/breeders, reputable breeders have started making it mandatory for new owners to sign spay/neuter contracts.

It is essential that every new dog owner insist on receiving a copy of a signed Veterinary report (Health Certificate) confirming health clearance as well as a written Health Guarantee from the seller/breeder.  It’s no longer enough to just get the puppy’s vaccination records.

The bottom line is this:  Research both the breed and breeder.  From one dog lover to another, should it happen than when searching for that special pup, you find dogs that kept in deplorable conditions, please don’t be afraid to notify your local S.P.C.A. or Bylaw officer.


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