Chihuahua Colour & Coat


Chihuahuas come in many and colour combinations.  Sometimes a breeder will tell you they have a pup that has a rare colour and that because of the colour their pup is a very special pup.  No color is rarer than the next.  As stated in the section on choosing a pup, the choice should not depend on the color, but primarily on the personality which should blend in with your family. 

There are a range of colours and markings. They can be solid colours such as black, white, fawn, chocolate, gray, blue, lavender, tans and silver as well as tri-colour (chocolate, tan & white or black, tan & white or blue, tan and white, for instance), brindle, spotted, merle and a variety of other markings. They can have a solid colour with spots or splash of one other colour.  Shades can be very pale to very dark for all the colours.


Chihuahuas come in two different coat types: smooth (short) and long. The smooth-coated Chihuahua has a smooth, soft, shiny or dull coat that fits close to the body with a ruff of thick, longer hair on the neck. The hair on the head and ears is thinner, and short hair on the tail.  The shortness of coat can differ on each dog, to almost no hair to a very thick coat.

The long-coated Chihuahua has a soft coat that’s flat or slightly curly. On the body it’s almost as smooth as that of a smooth-coated Chihuahua, but the ears have a fringe of hair, and the plumed tail spreads out like a fan over the back. The length of coat can differ depending on each dog. They also have a ruff on the neck and longer hair called feathering on the feet. The hind legs are also covered with long hair that resembles pants–and that’s what it’s called. On the stomach is longer hair known as a frill.


The Chihuahua is a wash-and-go dog. Grooming him takes only a few minutes.  Wash your dog when it starts to smell like a dog about once every month. With regular brushing, a Chihuahua shouldn’t need a bath more than every month or two, depending how much time it spends outside. Use a shampoo that is gentle, like a baby shampoo, so you don’t dry out the coat and skin.  Mane’n Tale Shampoo & Conditioner are wonderful for Chihuahuas also.  A leave on Conditioner will help to moisten the Chihuahua’s coat. If you have a dog that has a darker coat, you sometimes will find that it has more dandruff flakes that will show, you can wash your dog with a dandruff shampoo, making sure you only wash the body of the dog and never the head of the dog.  Leave on conditioners can add moisture to the dogs coat so it will not dry out.  Make sure when washing your dog that it is not standing in its soapy water and that it has all soap rinsed out of its coat.

Brush your dog weekly or bi-weekly (depending on the length or thickness of coat) with a rubber grooming mitt or see below brushes for a shorthaired Chihuahua and a pin brush for a longhaired Chihuahua. A fine-toothed flea comb helps remove loose or dead hair.  Chihuahuas shed small amounts year round and may shed somewhat more heavily in the spring and fall. The longhaired Chihuahua’s undercoat may come out in little clumps. Regular brushing will help keep shedding under control.

You Tube Video “Chihuahuas Rainbow Of Colour”

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