Dogs In The Work Place

A growing number of companies are recognizing the benefits of dogs in the work place.  Some work places understand the problem employees have in leaving their pets at home.  In an effort to keep happy, healthy and more productive employees they are making the workplace dog friendly.

A quick scan of dog friendly employers listed on shows ad agencies, attorneys, retailers, software developers and various office jobs where dogs are welcome.  Most are in the USA but more are each year Canadian companies are following suit.  Many people that have their own companies or work in their homes have their dogs on their laps or by their side while they work.  Having your dog with you at work is definitely seen as a big perk by workers, according to a survey by the web site and  A whopping 70 % of respondents said a dog friendly work place is an important employee benefit. Almost half the dog owners said they’d switch jobs if their dogs were permitted at work.  Even more 66 % said they would work longer hours and another 34 % aid they’d take a pay cut to bring their dogs with them.  For instance the company Softchoice, with some 300 employees at its head office and 32 locations across North America are dog friendly, if leases permit.

I know of truckers, hair dressers, dispatchers, real estate agents, dentists, vets, owners of a gas station, computer designers, fire fighter and a dance teacher who keep their dog with them during the work day.  All work harder, longer hours and are very happy. The dogs are also very happy and outgoing.  Some people take their dogs to work a couple of days a week and some dogs go full time.

Keep in mind that not all workplaces are safe for your dog – and that co-workers who have allergies force the employer to not allow pets.  Visit the tab Dogs at Home for suggestions to ease the impact of leaving your dog at home while you are at work if you are not able to take them along.