Are Dog Colour Blind?

Good question, so I have been doing research on the subject for 10 years now.  Some scientists say that dogs are colour blind, other scientists say they can see only a little colour and some scientists report that dogs aren’t colour blind at all.  It leaves a person wondering if dogs can see any colour at all.

So I bought three prime colour, red, green & blue dog dishes to use when feeding the dogs.  I found that the dogs preferred one colour over another.  When I moved the dishes around, the dogs went to the colour of bowl that they preferred.  I bought beds that were all the same style, but in red, green & blue.  I found that it didn’t matter what area I put the dog’d bed in, the dogs that preferred a certain colour, would spend more time in the bed that was the same colour as the dog dishes.

I taked to 741 dog owners and asked them their opinion and 83 % of them believed their dog was not colour blind.  They told me stories about their dogs and how smart they were.  On Chihuahua sorted his owner’s laundry in to whites, colours and darks.  She told me he just started helping her sort her laundry.  Another owner told me how his 3 lbs Chihuahua has 4 beds all the same style but different colour. If the owner washed the the beds at the same time and doesn’t put the beds back in exactly the same place, his Chihuahua moves the beds around to were they were before he washed them.

So in my opinion, dogs are not colour blind and they also have their favourite colour.

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