Dog Cones, Do Dogs Really Need Them?

Vets alway tell everyone that they need to purchase a dogs cone to put around their neck after they are spayed or neuter or any surgery.  Since I have been breeding, since 1995, I have only had to use cones on a handful of my dogs after surgery.  Most of my dogs have never licked or tried to chew the stitching.  I watch them and if they do start to lick or chew the stitches, that is only the time I will put a cone on them.  When they are on my lap I take the cone off and only stick the cone on after when I am not paying attention to the dog.  I take it off for eating and drinking as well and just watch the dog, after putting it back on.  When the wound is healing, it starts to get itchy so I just put polysporin on the stitched area and hold the dog for 30 minutes after.  The polysporin helps heal the wound and make it not itch as bad.

Remember, not all dogs are a like and a cone doesn’t have to be worn be your dog unless it won’t leave their stitches alone.

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