Free Chihuahuas

In over 17 years of breeding, I have talked to more peoples that have added free Chihuahuas or very inexpensive Chihuahuas to their home.  I have found that 86 % of the new owners that I talked to have found their experience to be one of disappointment. Many people tell me that their free Chihuahua cost them thousands of dollars in Vet bills in the first year.  Some people tell me of the behaviour problems that they have had to deal with and will for the duration of the Chihuahua’s life.  I have had people tell me that their free purebred Chihuahua has grown to be 10 or 11 lbs. I have people every week either phoning me or emailing me with their concerns about their Chihuahuas, because the breeder that gave them the Chihuahua doesn’t want to deal with their problems or they are not knowledgable about the breed.  It is a shame that people think that they can breed any dog and are not willing to take responsibility for these pups.  Many breeders that give their Chihuahuas away don’t inform the new owners of health issues or behavioural problems that the breeder or original owner is well aware of.  It is wonderful to want to rescue a Chihuahua, but many people do not understand how to deal with the problems/health issues they might encounter.  Many people are not prepared for the time and cost involved.  45 % of the people I have talked to in the last 10 years have ended up putting their Chihuahuas down before 3 years of age because of either the health issues or behavioural problem.  I wish people who think it would be fun to breed their pets would do research before doing so.  For those people thinking they will save time and money by getting a free Chihuahua, please do your research on the person that you are getting your free Chihuahua from.  Information gives you the power to make the right decision, ask questions and be informed.

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