Little Chihuahua

Tucked away in his miniature body,
All,  in the canine world, that’s best;
He’s “all dog” in the smallest package,
Full of vigorous life and zest.

How he loves, with a love ‘most human.’
Never a woe that he does not share;
Never a tear, but he sheds tears with you,
Faithfully following everywhere!

Giving the signal when danger approaches,
Standing his ground like a sentinel bold;
How his eyes shine with the fire of the ages,
How his coat bristles with courage untold!

Plays like a kitten, when puppy or aged,
Prime entertainer for owner or friend;
Easily trained, a superb little showman,
Clowning his antics right on to the end.

Chico, Maquito, Mexita, or Nina,
Don, Lorinel or Carlita Marie:
What’s in a name?  All the Spanish tradition,
Centuries old in the land of “Si, Si.”

Coy little Mexican, cute, trim and tiny,
Loyal companion, top-toy of the day;
Treasured by those who are lucky to own you-
You will continue our breed-choice alway!

-R. E. K. –

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