Should Chihuahua Breeders Tape Their Dogs Ears?

Many Chihuahua breeders around the world have been and are still tape up their dogs ears in order for them to stand up straight and not be flippy floppy.  Many of these dogs are going into the show ring and being bred by non registered and registered breeders.  In my opinion if a Chihuahuas ears can not stand up by themselves, they shouldn’t be helped by taping them.  They should not be bred at all.  The reason more pet chihuahuas have soft, tippy, floppy ears is because of the breeders that don’t respect the breed standard. Many Chihuahua books that are sold in the pet shops, show Chihuahuas with down or flippy ploppy ears, teaching people that that is part of the breed standard.  But it is NOT the breed standard. Chihuahua ears should stand up by themselves.  If they don’t, the Chihuahua should be spayed/neutered and only be a pet for a wonderful loving family.

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