Veterinarian Services While Boarding

While your dog is being boarded, we offer also a Veterinarian Service.  When boarding your dog with us and it needs to have it’s shots updated, anal gland cleaning, spayed/neutered, or yearly teeth cleaning we will take your dog to our Veterinarian to have everything done for you for a fee of $35.00.  This way when you come back to pick up your dog everything is done for the year.

Feel free to call our Veterinarian to find out their prices –

Dr. Iliya S. Belosevic (B.Sc., B. A., D.V.M) Barrhead Veterinary Clinic #780-674-5335

About Barrhead Veterinary Clinic

Barrhead Veterinary Clinic Barrhead Veterinary Clinic is a Animal Surgery Clinic in Barrhead, AB that has been doing business since 1995, specializing in Veterinarian Services,Vet Clinic, Animal Hospital, Animal Orthopedics, Animal Reproductive Care, Animal Surgery, Sick Pets, Emergency Veterinarian Service, Vet Services, and Animal Medical Supplies.  Dr. Belosevic is a third generation Veterinarian.

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