Danger In Your Garage

Most people puppy proof their homes to remove hazards for their pets. We often don’t recognize one place on our property where hazards reside that could kill our dogs or seriously injure them.  This is our garage!

Our pets have access to the garage during most days and are allowed to walk freely in it, with or with out their owner’s supervision.  There are tons of toxins, heavy and sharp objects and dangerous things to eat in most garages.  Surprisingly, many dogs become ill, injured or die after roaming unsupervised in the garage.

Simple steps to remove hazards from your garage are:

*Make sure all toxic or poison products are high on a shelf where your dog can’t reach them.

*Tools would be placed in a tool box or cupboard where your dogs can’t access them.

*All gas, oil or antifreeze leaks are cleaned up ASAP, so that your dog doesn’t soil their paws with it and get sick after licking their paws.

*Properly secure any cupboards, benches, tools, old tires or objects to prevent a “fall over” that could accidentally fall on your pet.

*Remove sharp objects from the floor to a 5 foot height.

*Small items like nails, screws, washers, bolts should be kept in a container on a shelf, not on the floor.

*Mouse and fly poison should not be placed in an accessible place in the garage if your dog is going to be walking around on the floor.  Use live traps instead.

*All soiled rags are put in a high place away from your dogs’ access.

*After you have finished the above, get down to their level and check again to make sure there is nothing forgotten that could harm your pet!

*Also before you leave your garage with your vehicle, make sure you know your dog is in a safe place in which you won’t accidentally run over them or when you close the garage door they are clear of the door and will not be injured.

These small steps will help you to keep your dog safe and save you a trip to your Veterinarian.