All Chihuahuas are born with an opening at the top of their skull called a molera or open frontanel.  Humans have a similar opening when they are born Called a soft spot, which usually closes within one year.  They are important because they allow the skull to expand as the brain grows into adulthood.  In 80% of cases, a chihuahua’s molera will develop normally.  In some cases the molera stays open in the adult and is a hereditary characteristic. Dogs with atypical Molera should not be bred.  Any Chihuahua Adult with a Molera over 1/4 cm radius should be spayed/neutered pet.

If a Chihuahua with a Molera over 1/4 cm radius is used for breeding, there is a higher chance of producing pups with Hydrocephalus.  Hydrocephalus, or the short for Hydro (aka water on the brain), is recognized as an extra-large head for the pup’s size.  A larger amount of water may be showing in their eyes.  They might pull in on one side and stick out on the opposite side or they could have east-west eyes (the opposite of Crossed eyes).  The pup might have an uneasy or unbalanced gait, frequent falling or even seizures.  These poor pups usually die before 10 weeks of age.  Should they live longer the signs will be noticeable before they are of 8 months.

Moleras can be round or oval in shape and there should only be one Molera.  Two or more openings on the top of a skull are most likely from head trauma or a hereditary deformity.  A dog with this deformity should never be used for breeding and only be a family pet.

This picture below is of a skull of a Chihuahua that is Hydro.  The skull’s 4 plates are separating as the fluid pressure builds in between the brain and the skull.

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