Paper Training

Potty training your pup doesn’t have to be a hard thing to do.  Just like children, pups need a routine and patience.  They need boundaries.  If left alone, no supervision, they might have a accident, forget to let you know they have to go or might not be able to make it to the paper-box in time.  All pups should be in a safety zone area until they are 1 to 1 1/2 years old.  It helps them to have an area that they are familiar with , a smaller area where they can see their paper-box.  This way they will go potty there and not on your rug.

Pups need to go to the washroom as soon as they wake up and also after they eat.  Spent time with your dog and establish a routine with them.  Put them in an area where you want them t go potty at the same time every day.

If a pup’s owner works during the day, the pup will take longer to be trained.  An owner that comes home every lunch time and spends time with the pup during the day will have a pup that will be trained faster.

I recommend paper-boxes for small dogs and not pee pads.  80% of dogs that use pee pads will also pee on rugs and clothing on the floor.  Small breed dogs  are encouraged to use paper-boxes and also to go outside when they have to go potty.  Our winters are too cold for them to go outside and most will refuse to go outside in the winter to go potty.

The key to paper training is to spend time with your pup.  Remember that if a male is not neutered by seven months they will start to mark (lift their leg and pee) all over the house and outside.


peebox 2peebox 1.

We use paper-boxes that are just storage tubs that we converted.  A Dermal works great if you have to cut any plastic.  The low one is for dogs that squat when going pee and the other taller one is for the dogs that lift their legs.



Pups must have a Safety Zone Area.  When you aren’t spending time with your pup, they should play here, where they have their toys, beef chews, food, water, bed and paper-box.  They will not chew on things that you don’t want them to chew on, (for ex. electric cords, furniture, your good shoes).  They will get into less trouble in their Safety Zone Area.  They will also be paper-trained sooner.