House Hazards

House Hazards

*The trashcan in your bathroom contains many tempting things for your dog to get into.  Dental floss, sanitary supplies, pills, raiser blades, are just a few of the hazards we dispose of daily.  If your garbage contains these items, make sure you often empty your trashcan. Dirty cloths or towels should not be left lying on the floor. All medication should be safely stored our of reach.  Toilet lids should be down when using toilet bowel or tank cleaner.  Do you really want your dog to drink out of the toilet?  Did you know that when you flush your toilet, and the toilet seat is up, urine & feces is ejected up into the air with the toilet water and mists your countertops and floor.  Knowing this, the thought of leaving your tooth brush in a cup next to the toilet is a very discomforting one.  Earrings and other small jewelry are also hazards if dropped on the floor or left on a counter top for your dog to reach.

*Children’s toys are a big hazard to dogs.  Puppies love to chew on everything they see, and even some adult dogs never loose that urge to chew. Children’s clothing are attractive for them to chew or eat.  Playrooms and children’s bedrooms should be off limits unless the puppy or adult dog is being supervised.  Cloths, shoes, and toys should be safely stored in a cabinet, closet, drawer or hamper.

*All electrical cords can be a cause of injury or death to your perts.  Make sure all electrical cords are lifted up high off the ground or behind furniture where pets can’t access.  You can purchase Cable Zip Wrap to put around computer cords to keep them together, then attach them to self-adhesive tie mounts or releasable clamps.  You can also put cords into a PVC pipe.

*In your office room, make sure coins, pins, needles, rubber bands, paper clips, staples, bells, pens, pencils, ink cartridges, small balls are all placed out of reach of your pet.  Your trashcan might contain these items so keep it out of reach and empty it often.  Make sure your office cords are always up out of pets reach.  Make sure door stops are high and out of reach to prevent chewing on the plastic parts and the coil.

*Check for loose grout in your tile floors and that linoleum floors are not lifting up as these can also be a hazard for chewing pets.  Hardwood floors should have no wood slivers or jagged edges on them.  Place treads on tiled stairs to prevent pets slipping and hurting themselves.

*Your furniture can be dangerous as well.  Reclining chairs can trap a curious pup should it crawls underneath.  Rocking furniture can roll over your pup or dogs tail or foot.  Coffee tables and end tables have sharp corners to bump dogs heads.  Small dogs can get caught trying to crawl under your couch or sofa.

*Keep your dog from accidental falls or escaping through an open window by fastening window screens securely.  When it comes to balconies and decks, make sure you have high enough and properly spaced spindles.  Check to make sure your pet can’t fit through or jump over the rails.  If you are renting, you can install sheets of plexiglass.

Make sure you get on your hand and knees and look all around in order to find any hazard that you feel might put your pup or dog in danger.