Grass Eaters

Grass Eaters- Good or Bad?

All dogs from time to time eat grass. Many people think that dogs eat grass because they either have an illness, they lack nutrients in their food or that they perhaps just like the taste of grass.

Dogs are primarily carnivores (meat eaters), but they do need a balance diet.  You need to remember that our domestic dogs are actually man-made animals.  Our dogs need a balance of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins and water in their diet for optimum health.

The truth of why dogs like to eat grass is still not known and there are many theories why, but no real conclusive answers.

Some people even reason that because our domestic dogs originated from wolves and foxes, which ate the entire herbivore (plant eating animal) they would ingest not only the meat and bones but the stomach contents as well.  This meant that wolves and foxes ate grasses, berries, fruit as well as the protein and therefore totally balanced their diet.

Are dogs eating grass to rid themselves of stomach problems?  Many dogs vomit after eating grass, to their owner’s disgust.  Grass irritates most dogs’ stomach, causing them to throw up.  Veterinarians think dogs are not smart enough to eat grass to make them throw up even if they had an upset stomach.

Are dogs aware of a lack of nutrition in their diet?  Humans are capable of recognizing deficiencies in their diets.  A number of Veterinarians reason that by eating grass dogs are trying to replace plant vitamins that are lacking in their diets.

What ever the reason your dog likes to eat grass, it is a normal behavior and you don’t have to worry about their “little grass eating habit.”  What is very important is DO NOT LET YOUR DOG EAT GRASS THAT HAS BEEN FERTILIZED WITH CHEMICALS!  This most definitely will make your dog sick!  Also be aware that farm/acreage pasture grass that has manure droppings from animals, either cattle and/or wild animals, most likely contains harmful parasites and should never be eaten by the family pet.