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Remember that corn and flour are fillers and will only make your dog poo more as the fillers are not digested.  Instead of using corn and flour, you can grind up flax seed or buck wheat or wild oarts with a coffee grinder.  I have a coffee grinder just for grinding grains for making dog food. It is less expensive and fresher to grind it yourself.

Caution:  Never feed your dog raw hide treats such as pigs ears, raw hide bones, bones with chopped raw hide in them.  There is no nutritional value in them and they are non digestible. They have been well known to get caught in the intestines of the dogs and have caused many deaths in small breed dogs; in some cases the dogs decide to swallow the bone hole once it is soft and choke to death.

Never feed your dog cooked bones, 85% will splinter and could get caught in your dogs throat or stomach.  The beef bones that pet shops and some vets sell are well known to splinter while chewing.

Raw bones are better for your dog, and they will not splinter.  You can also buy beef tendons and bull winkles (bull penises).

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