Clipping Dogs Nails

The Importance Of Clipping Your dogs Nails

Your dog’s nails are important, they help your dog walk, play and run.  If they are not properly taken care of, your dog will suffer.   Not having your dogs nails clipped can cause a host of problem ranging from mild discomfort, punctures and even joint and bone problems. It can also increase the chance of early arthritis in your dogs paws.

You can easily prevent this from happening to your dog by trimming their nails on a regular weekly or by-weekly bases.

The longer you leave your dogs nails untrimmed the quick, or blood vain in their nails, will grow deeper into their nails making it harder to cut them short.  The longer time between nail cuttings, the more likely you are to cut the quick which will hurt your pet and make your pet resistant to letting you touch their nails period!

If you do hit the quick and it starts to bleed, you can stop the bleeding by:

*Using a styptic powder or “Sure Clot” which you will find at the pet shop or use flour or corn starch.  Place either of these items on to the cut quick to stop the bleeding.  For bad cuts you can also use Silver Nitrate Applicator sticks from your Veterinarian.

Walking on rough surfaces can help grind down dogs nails.  This will increase the time between clippings.  Dogs who spend little time outside going for walks or only walking around on a lawn need to have their nails done more frequently.  A trimming schedule is a must for all dogs.

Dogs nails that aren’t trimmed on a regular bases can grow too long and curve into the bottom of the dogs pads on the bottom of their paws.  This is very painful!  Nails that are too long can also curve either way, putting stress on the paw itself, causing more pain.  A dog may not be whimpering or whining, but they can be in pain non the less.

Hearing clicking on the floor is a good reminder that your dog’s nails need to be clipped. Trimming a dog’s nails is very important for their comfort and health.  Remember that over grown nails can cause problems like:

*Ingrown nails

*Torn bleeding nails

*Splayed toes (deformed feet)

*Bone and joint problems

*Hip and back problems

*Early arthritis

Many pet owners tell me they don’t clip/trim their dog’s nail because they are afraid of clipping the nails too short and the nail will bleed.  Other’s just tell me that their dog doesn’t like their nails clipped, so they don’t do it very often.  Other people say they feel that they don’t have time to clip their dogs nails.  Your Dog Groomer will clip your pet’s nails.  Even your Veterinarian will get a Veterinarian Assistant or Veterinarian Technician to clip their dogs nails if they don’t feel comfortable doing it themselves.   Never leave your dogs nails unclipped longer then 3 weeks.

Remember to be patient with your dog when clipping your dog’s nails.  Use an emery board (nail file) to sand down any rough spots on your dogs nails after clipping them.  It will make them less likely to scratch you after their nails are clipped.

Small Nail clipper  These clipper on the left are small cat clippers, they work better on toy breed dogs then the larger dog clippers.  You will be able to see the nail better.nail clipping