Chihuahua Names

What’s in Your Dog’s Name?

When our puppies are three weeks old, we give it a name.  The name has a meaning because the pup’s full name is linked to the pup’s parents. Looking at a pedigree paper registration from one of my dogs, I see the parent’s and grandparent’s names.  Puppy are named thematically within each litter.   For example Hershey, Arrow, Smarties, Truffles, and Oh Henry are all chocolate related or Sapphire, Ruby, Garnet, and Opal are names from birthstones.  Sometimes the names will all rhyme.  After a puppy is purchased a new family will often change the calling name we have chosen for the pup, but the pedigree name stays the same.

Here is a list of names that I have used for my dogs.

Ammon, Austin, Anna,Charro, Cheech, Charley, Memphis, Montana, Billy Jean, Billy Ray, Candy, Randy, Silvio, Samson, Ringo, Gringo, Cleo, Augusto, Benito, Carlos, Salvador Sarrina, Sarra, Novio, Margarita, Minoso, Lily, Opal, Zircon, Garnet, Emma, Tango, Rose, Jasmine, Jazz, Cuddles, Sandy, Mandy, Betty, Blossom, Timmy, Freddy, Teddy, Storm, Sunny, Lightning, Windy, Blue, Tiger Lily, Tony the Tiger, Pumpkin, Boots, Manuel, Michalito, Mackenzie, Marley, Simon, Simone, Max, Maxeen, Juno, Keyno, Elmo, Emotec, Bruno, Christie, Honey, Java, Oliver, Benji, Joey, Loly, Rolly, Romeo, Rocque, Roxy, Clementine, Clemmence, Avery, Amy, Ace, Shiner, Shadow, Dewhite, Grim, Jim, Bella, Burt, Ernie, Blossom, Brin, Bud, Roma, Raya, Loco, Poco, Coco, Moco, Cookie, Tex, Rex, Blondie, Vita, Henry, Hanna, Hazel, Heather, Ricardo, Rosetta, Roberto, Roberta, Rosanna, Rosie, Bandit, Bolto, Luigi, Leonardo, Ramon, Rene, Scot, Pearl, Ruby, Ray, Lola, Star, Moonbeam, Dawn, Copper,  Ricardo, Santiago, Ricky, Rosa, Raven, Romona, Rosetta, Ranger, Reva, Chilli, Bean, Zorro, King, Rico, Chico, Dakota, Antonio, Beau, Maple, Enzo, Elmo, May, Ray, Unno, Albert, Pepper Anne, Leevie, Willy, Whity, Cheech, Chong, Odie, Ninuk, Princess, Queenie, Duchess, Duke, Prince, Jack, Dianne, Pebbles, Bam Bam, Diesel, Spike, Hershey, Reeses, Aero, Pepper, Rascal, Sonny, Stuart, Santos, Cajun, Willow, Aster, Marigold, Garcia.

Choosing a name for your dog can be fun if you do it without getting stressed about whether it is a suitable name or not.