Teacup Chihuahua

For many years people have been advertising the existence of a “Teacup” Chihuahua, a tiny and very expensive dog, as a breed.  This is actually a deception as Chihuahuas exist only in the “Toy” dog category.  They differ only in colour and the length of their coats- either long or short coat.  The breed standard is from 2 lbs to 6 lbs and the truth is that any pup under 3 lbs is likely to have serious health issues.  Because of this it is not recommended to produce any Chihuahua on purpose that will be less than 3 lbs. when fully grown.

Some breeders will tell you to weigh a pup at three months of age and double that weight to get the weight of your dog as an adult, but charts prove that doesn’t always work.  Even when the breeder takes the parents’ weight and the birth weight of the pup they can only give you an estimate or an educated guess as to how big the dog may become.  If the breeder continues recording these facts over a long period of time their estimate might be considered more accurate to a higher percentile, but it is still a “guesstimate.”  Even Two adult Chihuahuas might weigh the same but could be different in size as one could be bigger boned or fatter than the other.

When looking for a breed standard in dogs, these are the standards that exist:  “Sport, Hounds, Terriers, Toys, Non-Sporting and Herding.”  When looking for a size standard there is :  “Extra Large, Large, Standard, Medium, Miniature and Toy.”

Looking at a picture can be deceiving too, depending on the size of the object the dog is being compared to.  The location that the dog is placed,  ex: in front of, beside or behind, will also dictate how small or large the dog might appear.  Whenever possible go and visit the kennel.  If that is not possible, computer sites may allow you to view a video of the pup or better yet go on a live chat site and talk to the breeder.  This can be a more accurate way to determine the actual size of the dog you wish to purchase.

Buying any Chihuahua from a distance can be difficult.  Every minute you spend in getting to know the breeder, that you are trusting to provide you with that special pet, is time well spent.

Here are four pictures of one Chihuahua pup next to four different size Cups.  By looking at the pictures can you guess how much the pup weighs or how tall the pup is or the age of the pup?  These are all questions that your breeder can answer when you come to visit.

Teacup Chihuahua
Jones Chihuahuas Short Coat CKC Reg’d Male