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 My hubby and I have always agreed on the breed of dog we wanted – it just came down to timing. After spending close to three years in Fort McMurray, we decided to buy a house. Literally, minutes after the papers were signed our search for the perfect chihuahua started.  Obviously luck was on our side that night because we stumbled upon Theresa’s website. You could tell, even before any contact, that Theresa didn’t just breed these beautiful dogs – they were a part of her family. I emailed her answering all of the questions on her website and more.

We knew exactly what we wanted in a chihuahua – short haired, cuddly, fun loving, tan coloured male… Or so we thought! I clicked the “available pups and adults” link on the website, and there he was. A sweet little black-tri coloured male. Instantly he stole my heart and the minute I showed Matt his picture, we agreed this would be our little Sabian!

For months I would communicate back and forth with Theresa. She would send us pictures and videos of Sabian, and even stories about how he was doing. Every  day felt like a week and every week felt like a month, but finally the day came to pick up our little fur baby! We pulled into Theresa’s driveway and there she was outside, waiting. Even though it was our first time meeting, I felt like I knew her forever. Theresa is, without a doubt, one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. When she handed us Sabian, it was instantly love. He was so excited to see us, like he knew we were going to be his new mommy and daddy. A moment we’ll never forget.

It’s now been almost two months since that day and we couldn’t have asked for a better puppy or breeder. Sabian is a very intelligent chihuahua, he knows many commands such as “sit”, “down”, “paw”, “kisses”, and “bedtime”. He is a true sweetheart and absolutely adores being cuddled – he’s asleep in my arms as I write this. And Theresa, she’s amazing. She’s been there before the puppy, during the entire adoption stage and even after Sabian came home with us. I never hesitate to ask her a question, no matter how big or small it is. She’s always there for her dogs, and the families that adopt them.

Thank you, Theresa, from the bottom of my heart. I wish there were more breeders like you out there. We will defiantly be repeat clients of yours, after all Sabian does need a little brother! 🙂

 Heather & Matt

Fort McMurray, AB


C.C. 2006puppy new 018

C. C.

 I was looking for a chihuahua pup for a long time.  I couldn’t find the right dog or the right breeder.  I was told that the breeder should ask you as many questions or more then you should ask them.  I came across Jones Chihuahuas web site after looking for a Chihuahua in Alberta.  I loved the look of her dogs and puppies and her web site showed her to be a caring and good breeder.

I e-mailed Theresa about her pups and she e-mailed me back a long e-mail with many questions about me and why I wanted a Chihuahua.  I knew by her first e-mail that she was a good breeder.  She sent me pictures of C.C. and I fell in love with her!

We love C.C., she is so cute and so well behaved.  She has the most amazing little personality.  We wouldn’t give her up for the world!  C.C. is very willing to learn and very smart.  She is also well potty trained.  People are amazed at how well behaved and quiet she is.  I also have never seen a Chihuahua anywhere as cute as her!

Theresa also baby sits C.C. for me when I can’t take her with me on a trip.  I feel that C.C. is loved and well taken care of while she is being “baby sat” by Theresa.

If I ever decide to get another Chihuahua I would only buy from Theresa (Jones Chihuahuas).  We couldn’t have asked for a better dog.Theresa has been very good in e-mailing me back when ever I have questions or concerns about C.C.  I am very happy that Theresa didn’t just forget about us after she got our money, but after meeting her I knew she would be a friend for life.

C.C. would say she is very very happy with her new home and is glad her old mom found her such great new parents!

Melinda Hennig, Fort McMurray, Alberta




Tia & Molly


…………they’ve made my life complete!

Hi Theresa:

 This is a long overdue THANK YOU, for the gift of another one of your sweet little Chihuahuas.

 I wrote a letter for your website in 2009, not long after I got Molly from you. She was adopted into our family a few months after I lost my husband, and became a wonderful companion for my dog Tasha, that my husband and I had shared. She continues to be a little bundle of love, and I call her my little ‘sugar plum’. She’s the color of melted brown sugar, has the most expressive eyes filled with love, and incredibly smart!

 In March 2010 I knew it was time to put my dog of 17yrs down. Tasha became very crippled with arthritis and combined with a winter of severe temperatures and so much snow, Tasha was suffering. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. Thank goodness you and I share the best vet in the world. He was so loving to both Tasha and I as we helped her slip into a land with  no more pain and suffering.

 Three weeks later you called me to see if I might be interested in a one year old female you had kept because she was so perfectly formed, but turned out to be just a little too tiny for breeding. Evidence of your high quality breeding program, where the dog’s health and safety are your first priority.  I wasn’t sure I was ready, ….. but one look at her, and despite my sadness over the loss of my Tasha, my heart said yes! I named this sweetheart Tia, because she looked like an exotic princess with her cream coloured coat and dark black eyes.

 Tia (which means Egyptian princess) immediately connected with her big sister Molly, (someone ALMOST her size!) and they’ve become best friends. Molly was not at all threatened by this new family member, just curious, and quite pleased to have someone her own size to play tag with. Tia was a little more cautious, because she had been so well loved, and needed a little time know me.  She settled in to her new home with ease, knew immediately the polite way that Chihuahuas use their ‘washroom’ and soon began to make her connection with me. She LOVES to cuddle inside my sweater.  She has a very special place in my heart; right beside Molly and I don’t know what I would do without either one of them. They have become my family, and adore me. The feeling is quite mutual.

 Tia, despite being the tiny one, is very protective and has decided her role is to make sure we are all safe. If she hears any unusual noises, she warns me, and is ready to do what’s needed. She thinks she’s talking, and is very serious about communicating with me. So cute! She completely forgets her size, and the limitations attached! Molly is more cautious, and ready to be the support if called on! They each have chosen their special spot to sleep; Tia right snuggled into my neck, and Molly snuggled into my back.  They have a nightly routine. Once I’m in bed they get a third of a puppy treat, and have their nightly wrestling match while I’m trying to read! Soon, they settle down, and snuggle into their sleep spots, and are content for the night.

 Would I recommend having two Chihuahuas? Absolutely YES!! It’s a significant (and important) advantage to have both my girls from the same breeder; they connected immediately! I believe good manners, good genetics, and loving personalities are the results of your good breeding and care. Both my girls are so responsive to love, and give as much as they get! This is one of the most precious advantages of having a responsible breeder and a loving, well maintained environment during the early stages of their lives.

 Thank you SO MUCH Theresa, for your patience, commitment and educated management in breeding beautiful animals. It is a privilege to have been trusted by you to have these two girls in my family. You are vigilant in ensuring the placements of your puppies is only to reputable, responsible owners that will provide the love, care and safety that these Chihuahuas deserve. Your ability to keep your ‘nursery’ immaculate, with homemade blankets and toys providing a cozy environment is part of the ‘extra’s that make your dogs so special. The physical touching, cuddling, talking that teaches these tiny creatures to become personable, and secure in human contact is a time consuming effort that produces highly intelligent, loveable potential family members! This effort has paid off. Your time investment with me as a potential ‘parent’ to your babies is greatly appreciated. Not only did you respond to many of my questions, you have provided a guaranteed resource and a listening ear when I’ve needed one. Remember when I called you one Sunday pm (on your weekend!!!!) so worried because a big dog had come on to my property, chased Molly and she was limping? I was so frightened, and you patiently listened, gave me good advice, and called me back a couple of days later, to make sure my Molly was ok. That’s the unconditional gift of friendship and service that you continue to provide.  Since I lost my husband, my Chihuahuas are my source of  love and laughter. It’s such a comfort to know, regardless of time or day, I can call you if I’m worried and you will always be there to listen and advise. 

You won’t find a more reputable, responsible, reliable, committed CKC breeder out there. I did some significant research prior to purchasing my first chihuahua, read through Theresa’s website, and eventually Theresa ‘matched’ me to a well trained, gentle, loving little bundle of love. I soon added another one of Theresa’s babies to our family and am so grateful for my beautiful gifts of love. They have made my life complete. Theresa’s time invested in to my girls is very evident – they are healthy, loving, well bred, intelligent, curious members of my family that provide an unending source of love. THANK YOU Theresa for your committment to ethical breeding, always putting the well being of the chihuahuas as the priority. There are many lives and families richer thanks to your consistent, high quality breeding! ?

I can’t thank you enough Theresa for sharing your babies with me, for trusting me to care for them, and for giving me two little bundles of love that have made my life complete. I will always have two, …. and who know’s – maybe there’s room for three?  We’ll see!!

 Thank you, and wishing you and your family (children and chihuahua’s) a blessed Christmas season.

 Sylvia Yoder (and Molly and Tia)

Barrhead, Alberta