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Reva & Chili

Theresa, I want to thank you for our precious little Reva.  She is sweet, spunky and sassy.  We sometimes call her Reva the Diva, because her inner Diva does sometimes come out.  I rally appreciate the time you spent with me during the learning and decision making process.  I knew I wanted a Chihuahua puppy, but I absolutely fell in love with the breed after our visits.  Your website is extremely informative, reliable and helpful.  The honesty and integrity you show towards your extended puppy and puppy seeking families impressed me.  Our little Reva came into our home fully house trained, smart as a whip and pre-loved.  She is adored by everyone who meets her.  Reva is a gorgeous little girl.  She could sit, stay, lay down and knew the “off” command referring to things dropped on the floor, before she was 17 weeks old.  She amazes me.  After, careful consideration, I decided that Reva should have a friend, a little fur baby just like her, a buddy she could be at home with when coming with us was not an option (they frown when you try to smuggle them into the grocery store…..go figure) and the thought of staying in a vehicle when it’s hot or cold outside – not a good idea.  

With your advice and recommendation, we decided Chili was the one.  He is sweet, cuddly, affectionate and too cute.  Thank you for the puppy play dates for Reva while we discussed adding to our family and for helping pick just the right little fellow to come into our family.  Reva loved to visit and play with her sisters and extended puppy family and to be reunited with you and Jacqueline during this time.  I was worried she wouldn’t come home when we visited, but I knew she loved and needed in our home when it was time to go and she came right to me.Chili, really does just chill.  Do not get me wrong there is some fire and spice in that little Chili pup.  He loves everyone and is very happy go lucky.  He came into our home at 9 weeks old.  He was just a baby and Reva was still a baby herself at 18 weeks old.  Everyone fell in love with Chili immediately, except maybe his big sister.  Here comes this little fur ball stealing all of her thunder and I do believe my little princess felt like her crown was given to said prince Chili.  It was an expectation I had, but adding another bundle of love was a little more work than anticipated.  Yes, I was warned, but it is work that is worth it.  Chili is very vocal.  He came home and growled and barked at Reva, while she tried to show him who’s boss.  Then he growled and barked because Reva played a little too rough. While Reva was fully trained, she digressed a bit when Chili cam home.  “He pees on the floor why can’t I?”  

Chili’s been in our home for 3 weeks and they have both learned from each other.  What one does, the other does the opposite.  Reva begs for food, while Chili is oblivious, then when the treats do come, Reva sits nice and Chili barks at me. (We are working on it.)  Reva is more of a one human dog, while Chili is everybody’s baby.  We have had some issues like, teaching them that feces are ready not a snacks (this has gotten a lot better and less frequent).  They think the garbage can provide one with lots of treasures and humans run real fast and play a chasing game when we have certain things in our mouths and toilet paper rolls are fun.  These tow beautiful puppies proved us with a steady supply of love, affection and entertainment.  They are also a lot of work and require a lot of energy.  It is something I enjoy and the rewards are great.  Just look at these sweet little beings.  Thank you Theresa, for being such a responsible breeder and a great person.  Thank you so much for allowing us to take home these two little fur babies.  They are truly a gift.

Andrea Olafson and family, Flatbush, Alberta




It was around Christmas time that my sisters and I decided to look for a chihuahua puppy for my Mom’s Christmas gift. I couldn’t find the right puppy or a breeder that I trusted enough to buy a puppy from.  Then I came across Jones Chihuahuas online one morning and found everything I was looking for, and more. Theresa’s website was truly informative.  I knew as soon as I spoke to her the first time that I was talking to someone who knew all about her dogs and the Chihuahua breed.  I felt I would have no hesitations calling her if I had any problems with one of her dogs. I then looked through Theresa’s available puppies and fell in love with Luna at first glance. I went and visited Luna when she was just a few weeks old and was completely in love with her.  I couldn’t wait to bring her home. Luna is now a year old and whenever I have had any concerns I knew I could email or call Theresa.  She is alway happy to answer my questions. Luna has been a wonderful addition to our family and she has such a great personality. If I ever decided to buy another Chihuahua I will be going back to Jones Chihuahuas, I couldn’t of asked for a better person to buy our Lunafrom. I couldn’t ask for a better dog. I am truly thankful for all Theresa has given us and helped us through, I know she will be a friend for life.

Melissa Pereira, Chestermere, AB


Dente & ChiliDenteReva & Dente  

Reva, Chili, Dente

I fell in love with Chihuahuas when my sister came to visit me with her chi baby “Mochi”.  I began surfing the web looking at all different types of small dogs with a focus on the greatest of all, the Chihuahua.  I found Jones Chihuahuas on an Alberta dog breed listing and my life with these little dogs began.  I called the number on the website and talked with Theresa for probably and hour or two, this was the first of many.  Theresa is a beautiful person from the inside out, she truly loves her dogs and is extremely knowledgable of the breed.  Her website is very informative and fun to navigate through.

After speaking with Theresa, I set up a time and visited her home.  I met my little tri baby, Reva, at that visit.  The next time I went to visit, I was blessed with the opportunity to bring Reva home.  She was an angel and went everywhere with me, she was already paper trained and I taught her sit, lay down,  wait, and off by the time she was 18 weeks.  Of course, I had to get some fancy little outfits and collars for her.  She is still a dog however, and cowers when she sees the “clothes” come out.  Collars are fun things to collect, kind of like shoes.  I had many questions over the first few months and Theresaalways took time to talk with me and answer as many questions as I could come up with.  I loved Reva, and the breed, so much that I thought a friend would be great for Reva for the times she could not come with me.  I visited Theresa and came home with Chili, a tan male.  Reva regressed a little with her paper training and such, but a real friendship began to grow.  Theresa felt he would be a great match for Reva, and he was and still is.  This led to…more questions and visits to  Theresa’s home. I was always welcome and was always amazed at how much she loves her dogs and what she would do for them.   Reva and Chili keep life entertaining, they really are members of the family.  Reva is the big sister, she corrects Chili when he’s doing wrong, she’s responsible, gentle hearted, and sweet, but, she eats poop. (yes, dogs do this)  Chili is adorable,gorgeous, but he is the biggest baby ever, and he’s moody.  They are both so different and so great. 

            I heard someone say that Chihuahuas are kind of like potato chips…you just can’t have one.  So…when I saw Theresa had a little brindle and white baby, I was so excited-Brindle!  He is absolutely gorgeous, a beautiful temperment and quiet…so I thought.  Guaranteed from Theresa you are going to get beautiful, sweet, healthy pups.  My little Dante (Bruno),however has the loudest,funniest little bark, and he howls.  It is hilarious. All pups are so different, but are all honest to the breed standard and are like my babies.  There is some sibling rivalry however.  Chili is not always fond of Dante and they have there squabbles.  Chili sticks to Reva and sometimes Dante is just following behind copying what the other two are doing.  Reva is very patient with Dante, but she does have to draw the line occasionally.  Chili and Reva are very close and Dante is tryng to squeeze in there.  Somedays are easier than others.  I try to have one on one time with each of them occasionally, just so they know that each of them is special to me.  They do however have there personality quirks-Reva gets pouty sometimes, Chili gets growly and crabby and Dante gets hyper and silly.  Dante can jump up on my 10 inch flower bed, but cannot go up stairs?  I think my chi babies are really smarter than anyone gives them credit for, because they have trained everyone in my household and they have us wrapped around their little paws.

            These dogs are so amazing and I am grateful to Theresa for allowing us to have three of her beautiful chihuahua puppies in our home.  They are truly a gift.  They love you unconditionally whether you deserve it or not.  Thanks Theresa!

 Andrea Olafson, Flatbush, Alberta