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VitaPoco & VitaPoco

Vita & Poco

When I first called Theresa, I had looked at her testimonial page and was very interested in her chihuahuas, but my husband didn’t like small dogs. In the begging he said that I could get Poco. When I came to put a deposit down on him I fell absolutely in love with Blondie (now Vita) but I knew my husband would never let me get another chihuahua. We brought Poco home and he was wonderful. My husband was so surprised that he never barked or wrecked anything. The only problem was that he cried anytime we weren’t playing with him….he was so lonely. My husband had “sort of” come to “like” him and couldn’t stand his loneliness either, so I called Theresa again.

It took sometime for my husband to wrap his head around the idea of ANOTHER chihuahua, but he new I really wanted Vita and that Poco needed a playmate. One month later Theresa called me to see how Poco was doing and asked me if I was still interested in Vita. Instead of just selling her to anyone else she said she knew how much I loved her and wanted to see if my husband had changed his mind about getting another Chihuahua. I was so grateful! (I thought she was calling me to tell me she had been sold and I would be broken hearted if that was to happen). Poco and Vita were born just a 1 1/2 weeks apart, so they are very close in age. We have had a rough time with our little girl. Vita got Parvo a couple weeks after we brought her home, because of a Vets so-called mistake  and almost died. As a result she has had some health problems but the vet was so shocked that she even lived. Theresa has been there every step of the way and ALWAYS answers her phone or calls me back.

Our babies love each other to pieces- the affection in our house is to “give kisses” and sometimes we catch them giving each other kisses, it looks so funny:) Poco used to be very timid before Vita came along- she is so brave and fearless and goads him into doing “crazy things” (in Poco’s mind) like going up and down stairs. He is too chicken to ever do something like that on his own even though he is twice her size. 🙂 Vita is very full of life and Poco settles her down. If she starts acting crazy and runs around the house at breakneck speed  he tolerates it for awhile. When he is tired he simply sits on her head and she calms down enough to go have a nap with him.

Theresa also babysits Poco & Vita, you can see how much she loves them every time she sees them.

They make us laugh on a daily basis, and believe it or not, Poco is now Daddy’s little boy.

Thank you, Theresa

Tenielle & Shane, Slave Lake, AB




 I had been looking for a short-haired chihuahua for a couple months. I started looking online, and found Theresa’s site. It was very comprehensive, and I learned so much by reading all the sections. On kijiji, there were a lot of questionable ads. I didn’t feel comfortable with any of the people I was in contact with – I wanted a healthy and happy dog, not a “puppy mill” dog – potentially sick, scared, and likely unloved. I called Theresa and was interested in one of her older dogs – Rosa, who was three. Initially, I wasn’t really interested in an older dog, because I was afraid that we wouldn’t be able to fully bond. Boy, was I wrong!

My friend and I drove to Theresa’s. We spent about three hours sitting on the kitchen floor, getting Rosa comfortable with me (she was quite timid at first). Theresa is such an expert and I felt so good about choosing her. I like that she wouldn’t sell her dogs to just anyone. I learned that chihuahuas are a really special breed. I felt confident having a lot of information about Rosa and Theresa was so great about being available for any questions I might have.

Since Rosa and I have been together, my life has changed a lot. We bonded quickly, and for the first three months she stayed at home while I worked. After she was more comfortable, I started taking her to my salon with me every day. She loves going to work! She gets love from all our clients, and people even stop by just to see her. Her confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. She makes everyone smile. She has her own bed there for naps and she loves greeting clients at the door, eating lettuce and tomatoes, cuddling, licking clients toes when they get their hair shampooed… She is my best friend and constant companion. She has her own purse for travelling, which she ADORES! She gets so excited to go on adventures (even if it’s just going to and from work).

Lots of people make the same comment: “Wow! She doesn’t bite? Why isn’t she scared? She is so well-behaved!” People are used to the stigma of yappy, angry small dogs. Theresa’s dogs are not those things! Rosa is so polite – she doesn’t try to steal food, she respects our schedule, and she is content and well-mannered, and happy. I can’t count the amount of people whose minds have been changed about chihuahuas since meeting her. I didn’t think I could bond so profoundly with an “older” dog… I was so wrong! Lots of people say, “Rosa knows who her mummy is!”. I’m so thankful every day for Rosa, and for Theresa, who raises such happy, healthy, wonderful dogs. I love Rosa with all my heart so thank you, Theresa, for being such an exceptional breeder and even more wonderful person.

A top notch chihuahua expert and a lovely person! I got my dog from her almost four years ago and she still takes the time to check in and always answers any of my questions. She’s the best!

Theresa  Pervy Vanderwell, Edmonton, AB


Jones Chihuahuas Emma picture


When we lost our beloved PeeWee, we thought our hearts were never going to mend. Our house was so empty..our baby came everywhere with us, he ate with us, slept with us, came trucking with us.  PeeWee was our special little guy.

Then I decided to check out the Internet and came across Theresa’s (Jones Chihuahuas) web site, we’d heard so many horror stories when buying on line. So I decided to phone her, that was the best thing ever! She talked to me and let me talk and cry over PeeWee’s death.  She never once tried to push me into buying a pup from her or into getting a new pup before we were ready. I think we were on the phone for 2 hrs. Theresa, I love you for that, you are a very special person. So we went to meet Theresa and all her babies, we were so impressed with everything, we spent all afternoon and then picked out our new baby.

We picked up our baby girl Emma, the next morning and headed back home. I can’t say enough about how good she is, Emma loves people, she is totally potty trained, and people can’t get over that “ she’s not yappy!!”  I think most people think that little dogs are supposed to be yappy.  I tell them, Not Theresa’s!!!

I thank God every day that I found Theresa. I would highly recommend this Excellent and Caring Breeder to anyone. Theresa is the best! If I had my way, I’d buy at least 2 more, I love these tiny angels.  It truly amazes me how smart  these little ones are, where does it all fit in a tiny little head! Emma has made our life complete again.

Connie Beek,  Dawson Creek, BC