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We were looking to purchase a Chihuahua and did a lot of internet searching
During our searching we came across ‘Jones Chihuahuas’ and were intrigued. Immediately loved the website
and all of the information,pictures and videos it contained. We then visited Theresa and loved  the dogs
Very impressed with the whole set up and found her to be very supportive,knowledgeable and
accommodating to us.

Thank you so much for providing us with such an awesome puppy “PEPSI”.
I would recommend you as a breeder to everyone who is thinking about buying a chihuahua. You are a very
caring breeder and I love that you still keep in touch.

From Mandy, Luke and Pepsi! , Westlock, Alberta



Upon meeting Theresa we could sense how much she loves her dogs.  Coupled with her knowledge of the breed, this reassured us in our decision to adopt a puppy from her.  Since the day we took our little boy home, we have been so in love with our Chihuahuas.  We couldn’t be happier having him as a member of the family.  He has enhanced our lives and is the most wonderful dog.  We bring him everywhere with us, he loves people and other dogs!  We are always receivinng comments that he is so well behaved and how sociable he is . We feel that this is a testament to the quality of the breeder.  We would highly recommend Theresa for anyone considering adopting a Chihuahua.  We cannot thank her enough!

Cheers, Alison & Graeme Bota, Calgary, Alberta



Just a quick note to let everyone know how much we love Ozzy & all the joy he’s brought to our life.  Hard to believe he’s a year old already!  He is a total Joy to be around, always smiling and making us laugh!  We did our research and after meeting Theresa and her dogs, we knew Jones Chihuahuas and Ozzy where a perfect fit for us.  We where excited & nervous to take the plunge to be pet owners.  Boy are we glad we took that step!  We honestly don’t know how we lived without him, he makes everything more exciting & enjoyable.  We take him absolutely everywhere, day to day and on trips.  He’s a champion road tripper & plane passenger.  When we flew back to Newfoundland this summer every single flight attendant on every flight (6 in total) remarked on how well behaved & handsome he was.  He literally didn’t make a peep, the other passengers didn’t even know he was on board.  He also impressed me when I took him to the airplane bathroom.  He simply jumped out of the kennel & pee’d right on his pad & jumped back in!  Ozzy has come on every road trip with me this summer.  We put just over 10,000 kms on the truck this summer, Ozzy along for every trip.  We found a very comfortable & safe seatbelt for him.  He waits for us to put it on & he climbs into his bed.  He mostly snoozes or watches the world go by from the window.  Everyone we meet along the way comments on how cute he is, what personality has & how well behaved he is.  He Knows all his commands (sit, stay, come, bring it here, drop it, roll over & be quiet) & loves people as well as animals. There has yet to be anyone or any animal he doesn’t get along with.  Funny enough, he quite enjoys large dogs, his best friend is a Shepard/husky cross!  that said, we always make sure he’s safe & happy.  He is rarely alone, his play time is always supervised & if he doesn’t like something we never force him to do it.  But with his happy go lucky attitude there isn’t much that he doesn’t love!  We hope to soon train him to visit long term patients in the local hospital, spread some of the endless puppy love he has to offer.  I could go on & on about how wonderful our Ozzy is, also how happy we are to have met Theresa.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU THERESA !!!  I just want everyone to know, Theresa has forever made our lives better with one of your pup’s.  We are eternally gratefull & tell everyone “Check out Jones Chihuahuas!!!”.  Although we are not ready yet, one day we will get Ozzy a sibling, maybe a female named Sharon, Hehehe!  Theresa will be the first to know when we are ready for Number two.  Thanks again Theresa, chat soon.

XOXOXOXOXO Ozzy, Ryon & Jenni Pottle, Fort McMurray, AB