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Pepper AnneRaven

Pepper Anne & Raven

Hi, I want to share my story with a lot of people out there that are thinking of getting a Chihuahua.  I was looking for a chihuahua pup for about 2 1/2 years. I started looking in the Canadian Kennel Club magazines.  I phoned a lot of breeders and also went to visit other breeders.  I finally found Theresa (Jones Chihuahuas) phone number.  I phoned her many times with several questions that I had about the Chihuahua breed and she was always able to answer my questions.  She also would ask me all kinds of questions about me, to see if I would be a good home for one of her Chihuahua pups.  I can say that I sure learned a lot about this breed from her, she is very knowledgeable about the Chihuahua breed.  She stands behind her breeding in every way.

Finally the day came when she called me and said that she finally had the pup that I was looking for.  I was so excited, I wanted to cry.  It was such a long wait, but it was worth the wait.  We had many visits with Theresa at her home and I saw how she raised her pups.  The environment that she has for her dogs was very clean, she cared for them, they were home raised and Not in a kennel environment.  Her dogs were very socialized, paper trained and outgoing.

It is now over a year since we purchased Pepper Anne.  She is the sweetest little puppy that we have ever owned.  She was going to be my little lap dog.  She loves everyone in our family.  She is daddy’s little girl.  All he does is start up his truck and as soon as she hears him she cries, because she wants to go for a ride with him.

We are so happy with her that we had to get another little girl.  We have received another little angel from Theresa.  We went and picked her up just before Christmas and her name is Raven.  Now we have two little girls that we wouldn’t change for the world.  We love them both and now Pepper Anne has a little playmate.  They get along just awesome.

My advice for anyone who is looking for a Chihuahua pup, please contact Theresa.  She is such a wonderful person and an excellent breeder, she knows her breed very well and she stands behind all of her dogs.

I have received two beautiful puppies from her and I wouldn’t go to anyone else.  She is always there when you need her, day or night to answer any questions you my have.  Theresa is a person that you can trust with all of your heart.  She really cares about her pups and the home that she places them in.  She also cares about the families and the pups after she has sold the pups.  She contacts me just to see how our family is doing as well as the dogs.  This is what I call a very caring, honest and a very respectable breeder that knows her breed.

When ever I have a question about my dogs I can call her or just e-mail her.  She is always there for us,  we have become very good friends.  We are always welcome to go to her home for a visit,  Theresa is always welcome in our home to visit us and our two little girls.

Lori Marsh, Sherwood Park, Alberta




 My experience with Jones Chihuahua’s has been very satisfactory, I am so glad that I found this website as I was browsing the Internet for small dog breeders.  I contacted Theresa that very night, and her response was prompt, within a few days we were on the phone, where Theresa was more than happy to share information about the newest addition to our family.  I contacted Theresa towards the end of March 2008, and by March 29th, the day we talked on the phone, I knew that we had to get Queenie.

 I wasn’t sure if I wanted a puppy or a older dog, because my daughter and I have never had a dog before, we had a lot of questions and concerns.  After seeing Queenie’s picture on the website, then looking at other websites for small dogs, but always coming back to Queenie, and talking to Theresa about Queenie, I realized that this older dog was indeed the dog for us.

 I cant imagine not having Queenie now, she is very much a part of our family. She comes everywhere with us, on our holidays, or just to get the mail.  We rush home after work and school to see her, it is so great to have her greet us at the door, so happy to see us! My daughter is 12, and as a single parent working as a nurse, I work long hours so I wanted Paige to have some company for the few hours after school until I come home. Queenie gave my daughter more responsibility and company, and also became her most beloved companion.  Queenie follows Paige everywhere, and cries when she leaves for school and waits for her to come home. She is very protective of Paige.

 Our decision to get an older dog is not one I regret, Queenie is paper trained, she doesn’t bark unless she needs to alert us to something or someone, and we continually get compliments on how well behaved she is.  She is very, very well behaved! Since I knew that a puppy would take a lot of time to train, time that sometimes we daunt have, which isn’t fair to the pup, we decided to go with an older dog.

Queenie quickly became a member of our family, and is loved by us very much.  Her adjustment period into our family was quick, and she has adapted very well.  She immediately bonded with Paige in the few hours before we brought her home.Paige and I love Queenie very much, and look forward to having many years with her!

Theresa was great to deal with, and very helpful. I would recommend Jones Chihuahua’s to anyone who is looking to purchase a small dog, especially an adult dog!

Thank you Theresa!

Naomi & Paige Riewe and of course Queenie , Fairview, AB




 Our little Ricky has been at home with us now for 3 months and we are wildly in love with him.  He is smart and a quick learner.  He is heartbreaking beautiful, with the shiniest, softest coat and the biggest brown eyes.  His big bat ears are the icing on the cake.  I can’t wait to come home from work each day for a good long cuddle.  In short, the quality of our little boy is incomparable.Bringing Ricky into our family has been one of the best experiences of our pet parenting life.  Having gone through pet shop disasters in the past, we had vowed to never go down that road again.  When we decided that a Chihuahua would make the best addition to our family I immediately began a thorough process of researching breeders.  The Jones Chihuahuas’ web site came to my attention very quickly.  There was no comparison between Theresa’s web site and the many others that I visited.  Theresa’s site was full of information that helped us to be sure about bringing a Chihuahua to our family.  The way she frankly outlines both the joys and the challenges of Chihuahuas illustrates her honest and faithful dedication to responsible breeding.  I find her web site , even now , to be a tremendous resource and I refer to it often.

When we knew there was a puppy waiting for us we visited Theresa right away.  The puppies were just five days old and we spent a long visit holding the puppies while Theresa explained their breeding and birthing process.  We even watched Ricky’s birth video.  We visited frequently during his first weeks and were thrilled at watching him change and grow.  Theresa was always welcoming and opened her home to us so that we could share in Ricky’s life.  We began bonding with him from the very beginning.  She spent countless hours patiently answering all of our questions and preparing us for our new role as Ricky’s forever parents.  When it came time to bring Ricky home, I was filled with both awe and this fabulous little creature and confidence that I could look after him the way he deserved.  This was all thanks to Theresa.

Ricky is exactly the puppy we dreamed of; spunky, loving, playful, and so incredibly cute.  Our two senior dogs are not as in love with Ricky as we are.  They mostly try to avoid his playful antics.  Ricky, meanwhile, is blissfully unaware that anyone might not want to be his best friend.  Even though the integration of Ricky into the lives of our other pets has not been what we had hoped for, we have found ways to make sure that everyone gets their due attention and one on one time.  Ricky has come to us between the passing of a younger, but ill dog and the inevitable passing of our senior dogs.  It is already a comfort to know that Ricky will be there to soften our grief.

These words cannot possibly express our appreciation to Theresa.  She raises the most beautiful and loving Chihuahuas and we are blessed to be able to share our lives with one of them.

Angela Nightingale, Cold Lake, AB