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We only had Sabian in our lives for two short months when his brother Zildjian was born.  I’ll never forget that day.  We always said we wanted a male tan Chihuahua and on October 1, 2011 Sapphire gave birth to one tan male in her litter of pups.  He was born breach and stuck inside his mother and if it wasn’t for Theresa’s love and knowledge for this breed, he would have died.  thankfully, our little guy is a fighter in life and his is a perfectly heathy Chihuahua today.

When Zildjian was a few weeks old, we took a road trip down to meet him.  He was such a cuddle bug and it seemed as if Sabian approved of his little brother too.  The next few weeks were so long, but finally the day came when little Zildjian was old enough to come home with us.  the bond was instant between both the pups, it was like they understood that they were brothers now. That night, Sabian (who usually slept with us) cried until we took him out to sleep with Zildjian.  Sabian would slept with Zildjian every single night , until Zildjian was completely potty trained and was able to sleep in the bed with us too.  We were worried about having two puppies, especially them being so close in age, but it was the best decision we’ve made.  the boys are inseparable. If you see one of them, the other is only a few feet away at most.  They do everything together, it’s such a beautiful thing to see.  I can not describe the love Zildjian gives to us every single day, his personality is absolutely amazing and he is such a talkative puppy.  If you talk to him, he will talk back.  He was definitely the missing place in our growing family and I’m sure Sabian would agree.

I would highly recommend getting not on, but at least two of Theresa’s wonderfully behaved pups.  You will not regret the decision and the love they will give you will make any of the hard moments worth it.  Thank you, yet again Theresa, for allowing us to adopt not one, but two of your wonderfl babies…  Who knows, maybe they’ll need a little sister in the years to come!

Heather & Matt Harnum,  Fort MacMurray, AB




Pixel is the absolute best dog ever.  I don’t ever go for a walk with out someone on the street stopping me to tell me what a cute dog she is.  She is so sweet, she loves to cuddle and follows me around every where.  She’s a little international jet setter and goes traveling in trains, planes and automobiles.  She’s kept me company on trips to Toronto, New York, Geneva and London.  Whether we’re at the hotel or cottage, she easily adadpts and is happy to just hang out with us.  She has fit in perfectly with our lifestyle.  Paris is such a dog friendly city that she comes with me to restaurants, cafes and shops with no issue.  Despite her tiny size, she is a fierce little guard dog and alerts me to anyone (even my husband) who is coming in or out of the house.  I am delighted with her.  Pixel is also the most photographed dog of all time.

I would highly recommend purchasing a Chihuahua from Theresa.  She is so knowledgeable and spends a considerable amount of time answering questions and making sure you find the right dog to fit into your life style.  The support doesn’t stop after the new pup comes home either!  She is always willing to answer a question on Skype or via email and it was so reassuring to know that she was there if we needed anything.  I liked that Theresa asked us a lot of questions about our lifestyle and expectations, it shows she really cared about where her pups end up.

Rahaf Harfoush, Paris, France


Iris from Jones Chihuahuas kennel  Iris

I purchased the cutest little puppy (Iris) from Theresa, October 2, 2013.  Although we only met on Skype last year when we chose Iris to be our new addition to the family, we could tell that you were definitely a different kind breeder. And by different I mean you actually cared about these “lil fur-babies” (children in fur-coats), and it showed just by how you talked about them, and handled them….. From when they first come into the world, right up to the day that you have to entrust them to some people you have barely met. Having to give them up after spending all those months caring, and raising them is another difficult chapter to close before you must concentrate on the next litter of pups that are due. My how time flies doesn’t it? Our little bundle of joy is such a wonderful addition to our family. It’s usually in the mornings on weekends, or, after a bath when she’ll just tear up and down, and back and forth in the hallways like a bullet….and she’s so fast, then she runs into your arms for a cuddle ! She just loves to be bathed, combed, and handled. But most of all it’s when we sit down…… anywhere, she wants to be right there on our lap, then she tilts her head back to look into our eyes with adoring eyes of her own as if to say “ahhhh I’m so happy to be in your lap right now I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else”. Or when I get home after a long day, she comes running upstairs to greet me at the door to give me her routine total face licking sessions. She has already given our family over a million smiles. Can you imagine if we had a dollar for every one of those smiles? But you know what? We truly feel as if we’re rich in that way. Because we have a puppy called Iris. Because of you Theresa. :)) Never forget that of the few you’ve lost over the years, think about all the ones that made it to grow up and bond with the families that chose them. Think about all the smiles they will, and HAVE already produced, WILL PRODUCE, in the years to come. And all because of YOU. All the long hours YOU spent day and night with the mommies while they gave birth, the nurturing, all the pictures you took, all the videos…vet appointments, phone calls, emails, skypes, Facebook posts…..to find the “right” parents for your “babies”…..paid off…. Because of YOU. The only reason those puppies are who they are is because of YOU. You obviously have a big heart filled with affection that naturally passes on to each puppy you raise……all because of YOU :))) The tears of joy and sadness YOU shed during this process doing what you do, has not gone unnoticed or wasted. Not a chance. The purpose of our letter is simply to say a H U G E thank you !! But more so, to make sure you never forget the countless hours you put into running Jones Chihuahua won’t be forgotten. For each and every one of your “bundles of joy” you nurtured….. are, and WILL be bringing joy, happiness, smiles, memories, and companionship to fortunate families and individuals for many years to come. How many people can say that about their past when they look back. Now put a big smile on your face, hold your head up, and know that you have given countless people in this world, the most valuable, and precious jewel in the world….. More valuable than a diamond……H A P P I N E S S !!! This letter took me over 3 weeks to compose, because I wanted to make sure I found the right words to express our gratitude and thanks. We’ll be sending you pics of our lil Iris (aka The Dutchess of Klondike), in the years to come, if that’s alright, to let you know how she’s doing, and to return/remind you, of what you have given to us. Take care and feel free to share this with anyone you wish. Read it to your husband and your daughters as well so they know what kind of a mother they have…. As if they didn’t know already……

Bye for now Theresa, and we’ll stay in touch,

Sincerely Mike and Andrea Auger, Ottawa, ON