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I cannot thank-you enough for allowing me to bring home one of your pups!!! Brooklyn (katana) is such a sweet girl and the only reason this note has taken so long is I hate to waste anytime on technology when she is around LOL we went for our first vet visit on Monday and everyone at the office was so impressed by what fantastic health and breeding standard you hold your pups too ( I had no less than 3 offers to take her home lol). Brooklyn has already settled into her sleep schedule and other than 2 accidents (so impressed) has maintained her potty training. We begin obedience classes on October 1st and on October 21st she will begin puppy daycare twice a week (just waiting for her 3rd set of shots and bordatella vaccination).

Theresa is both ethical and extremely informative as a breeder. I was very impressed with the “kennel” (I mean heated floors, blankets, toys and safe zones everywhere). I was also put at ease with how committed she is to finding the right home for each pup, even if that means keeping them with her for as long as necessary. I could not be happier with my little Brooklyn (Katana), and the continued support Theresa has provided since I brought her home. Though virtually all info is on her site it is nice to know that in a panic or on a great day Theresa is available. I will certainly be a repeat customer, when the time is right.

Joy Jones, Calgary, AB


jones chihuahuas


My experience with purchasing a Chihuahua from Theresa years ago has been the best experience I have every had when adding a dog into my family.  Charlie is now 19 years old and still doing great.  He has never been sick and still acts like a pup 70% of the time.  Obedient, healthy, outgoing and loving he has brought so much love to my life and to others around him.  Theresa has always been there for me to answer questions, give advice when needed and is always willing to take the time to visit with me.  Her kennel is not like any I have ever seen, it is like part of the house and even when I have dropped in on her early for a visit, it is always clean and selling good, not to poo.  The care she gives each and everyone of her dogs is so refreshing to see.  She truly cares for her dogs and will even take them back if you can’t take care of them.  She is truly one of a kind.  Theresa’s knowledge for the Chihuahua breed and health of all dogs in general has been an asset for me, I have learned a lot in the years I have known Theresa.  Would I recommend anyone to purchase a Chihuahua from her, YES, I would highly recommend it.  Chihuahuas are the best breed I have every had and Theresa is the best breeder I have ever met.

Louise Davies, Calgary, AB


Holly, Twilights pup


I am so thankful to have my new girl Holly as part of my life! Holly is tiny but outgoing! She loves playing with her brother Solar and is just pure joy to have around. She is energetic, confidant, healthy, and loving. She is a fast learner! I am so grateful that there is a breeder out there who really cares about the dogs they are breeding. Theresa is it. She is so loving and treats all the pups as her own. The space she keeps her dogs in is very clean and she’s extremely well organized. Theresa kept in touch with me as Holly was growing so I could watch her progress through photos and video. She has been very responsive to any questions I had and has shared her expertise on puppy growth with me. Any chihuahua that comes from Theresa will be well bred with excellent temperament.

Kellie McWilliams, Calgary, AB