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Pixy & Gliss

Absolutely the most exceptional adoption service EVER!!! I am so impressed with my first Chihuahua from Theresa and her home support (can call her anytime with questions) that we got a second puppy. They are the most well tempered, beautiful and friendly little dogs I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of our family. Theresa’s kind, gentle spirit is reflected in all her dogs and the doggie nursery they are raised in is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

Nicole Funk, Fort McMurray, AB


 Celeste, Melody & AsiaCelesteAsia & Melody

Celeste, Asia & Melody 

Theresa is an outstanding advocate of chihuahuas–I have 3 precious girls from her and not only do I have a breeder that is incredibly knowledgable but I now have a dear friend in her as well!!

Joletta Windley, Calgary, AB


Shasta GingerDuchess27July2006_1_-184x143Jewels

Shasta, Ginger, Duchess & Jewels

About 9 years ago after loosing one of my fur babies, I came across this incredible woman whom breeds the most intriguing,loving,loyal, breed known the Chihuahua!!! Having never had a purebred, but have always wanted the toy breed chihuahua, I phoned her up, and 21/2 hours later I knew Theresa was a loving, caring, spiritual, woman who loved her dogs unconditionally and was very picky who they went too!!! I was so happy that she picked me for one of her retired fur babies Ginger!! With the chihuahua there is something about them that is addicting cause over the past few years of having Ginger, my heart was pounding for one more, so phone Theresa up for a visit so she can see Ginger, which she just loves to stay in contact with the new mamma and papas of her babies, low and behold we come home with not just one but two, Duchess and Jewels!!! Since that precious day Ginger has crossed over the rainbow bridge, and again got a baby this time a puppy from Theresa this is Shasta!!’ I really can’t say enough about this lovely lady, trust me she knows her breed, everything and anything you want and need know or just advice on the little fur babies she is there to offer help or just a shoulder to cry on !!! You will never find a more trusting, honest, loving breeder who is all of the above to not only her love of her life her fur babies, but to each and everyone of us that have one of her babies, in which I may add she knows the blood line way back and her memory for each dog is just unbelievable. Also she had such a heart that when the time comes to pick up your new baby, you get a care package , food, puppy blanket, toy, treats, and most special a DVD of the birth and special times of them growing an doing fun and silly things that are sooooo special to see!! Theresa you will always be in my heart and would recommend you to anyone who is serious about owning and loving one of your Chihuahua’s !!!

Candace Patzer, Edmonton, AB