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Our family had been thinking about getting a Chihuahua for quite some time.  I was looking through the Calgary Harold and came across on Ad “Chihuahua’s for sale” and gave them a call.  I spoke with Theresa Jones and found her to be really friendly and knowledgeable about the Chihuahua breed.  I said i would like to get the Taco Bell Chihuahua, Theresa quickly informed me that this was not a purebred Chihuahua.  So I received the low down on Chihuahuas that day.  Theresa then sent me pictures of some pups and older Chihuahuas that she had.  I must say they sure were cute.  My heart was taken by them.  My main concern was to have a healthy dog and Theresa was very up front with all her information plus all documents were sent to me.  We just love the first little boy we got that we later wanted  him to have ea friend, so we got another boy from Theresa.  At first the older one did not accept the younger with open arms, but within a couple months they started playing with one another.  Now they are buddies.  It’s so much fun just watching how they play with on another.  We are so very happy with them and as well it’s good to know we have two healthy dogs that can have for a long time.

Shirley Hykawy, Calgary, AB


One of the best decisions I’ve made after I moved out of my parents house and moved into my own condo was to get a Chihuahua from Jones Chihuahuas,  Theresa and I had a wonderful discussion about this type of breed and I’ve always wanted a Chihuahua since I was a kid.  Theresa is a great breeder, she filled me in with everything and I enjoyed talking to her.  It was wonderful time first catching a glimpse of my dog and getting used to being a dog owner.  I take him everywhere with me in my little bag and he gets tons of attention from everyone.  I would do anything for my dog and he is well loved in my family.

Jhoane Gulfo, Calgary, Alberta




 I have wanted a Chihuahua for a long time and knew when it came time that I was going to get one from a reputable breeder no matter what…..when I was finally in the position to have my puppy after a lot of thought and tons of researching I came across Theresa’s site…..I read through it all but didn’t contact Theresa for a month or so while I continued to search breeders…..what made me comfortable in the end with Theresa’s site was the videos she had posted on you tube of all her adults and puppies….I could see Theresa, her family, her home, the births of some of her pups with Theresa right there helping, all the info I needed was right there in front of me. then I saw my puppy posted on her site with her brothers and I knew she was the one!!!!!! Theresa gave me updated photos and videos of Apple and her brothers and I got to watch her grow until she was old enough to come home. I am from B.C. and I knew I didn’t want Apple shipped to me so I made plans to go to Calgary for a little while and stay with a friend. then I rented a car and drove the 4 hours to Theresa’s house and met with Theresa and her dogs!! Every single dog she owned was adorable and I wanted to take them all home! and they all look so much cuter and smaller in real life. Theresa and I sat down together and spoke about everything and if I had the time I could have stayed for hours and hours…unfortunately we had to make the trip back to Calgary that same day so it was time to hit the road….Theresa sent me with a beautiful DVD of apple from birth to when it was time to go home…as well as pictures of apple’s family etc. I got a fluffy blanket to wrap apple in and her favourite toy. Apple has a beautiful personality….she is perfectly balanced. she is full of energy and attitude as well as cuddly and well mannered….she loves everyone including people she has never met before!! she is very smart and in her first week or so she learned “sit” “leave it” “on your mat (which is to go inside her travel carrier)” and we are currently working on “lay down” all in all my experience with Theresa has been great!!! and I look forward to getting another Chihuahua from Theresa when it comes time to. I would make that trip again without even thinking about it cause its sooooo worth it! thank you Theresa for my happy and healthy puppy!!!!!!!

Brittni Moffatt, Aldergrove, BC