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Blu Bentley

Blu & Bentley

We have 2 Chihuahua’s Blu and Bentley. My daughter and I took the 4 hour drive from CLGR to Pickardville to meet and see all the wonderful bundles of fur. We fell in love with all the Chihuahua’s. In fact our intent was to get just one and ended up with 2. The boys have the same dad but different Mom’s and completely different personalities. Theresa is an absolutely AMAZING lady who cares deeply for her Chihuahuas. If ever we have a question, she takes the time and is quick to respond. Most recently we took the boys to her for a one week, they immediately remembered her and started kissing her constantly. I highly recommend her and without a doubt you will be so impressed with the love and caring she does for her animals. We have absolutely no problem in driving the 4 hours to take the boys to see her and the 4 hours return. At the end of the day we are always willing to go back and take the boys there because we know they will definitely be taken care of.

Mary Luzzi, Calgary, AB




Look no further if your seeking a loving “lil” “4 legged-affectionate-cute-as-a-button-cuddle-bug” of a companion. Theresa spares no expense with regards to the amount of love, effort, and TLC that she instills in each and every puppy that comes from Jones Chihuahua. My wife and I would buy another one in a heartbeat….. But we already have 3.

Mike & Andrea Auger, Ottawa, ON


Chekita Brutus

Chekita & Brutus 

Theresa is such an amazing breeder. I’ve never seen so many happy loving chihuahuas. Not only does she breed responsibly and love all of her puppies she is a great support system when you have questions or concerns about your little chi. She is always there willing to offer her support an advice because she cares about her pups but she also cares about the owners as her friends. You couldn’t ask for more.

Katherine Rushfeldt, Calgary, AB