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Extremely well educated & dedicated dog breeder – highly reputable in my books, with the happiest and healthiest pups I’ve seen any kennel host.

Carley-Sophie Sterling, Ottawa, ON


Theresa was wonderful to deal with, she was always extremely helpful and willing to answer any questions I had, even before i had purchased a puppy from her.

Sierra Stukel, Pentiction, BC


She’s amazing I have bought 4 Chihuahuas from her. I must say they all are very well behaved. Also she supports you though any type of issues you may have with them. Thank you!!

Teanna Dann, Edmonton, AB


Absolutely amazing breeder! Even after she sells her puppies or adult dogs she is still a friend and will answer any of your concerns and or questions.

Melissa Pereira, Chestermer, AB


Nice, clear and easy to get info from.  I love this Facebook page too.

Jeanne Beth Murphy, Glenwood City, Wiscosin


A very knowledgeable, caring and ethical breeder. The amount of time, work and heart she puts into her chihuahuas is incredible.

Clement Soh, Edmonton, AB


Great environment, and Theresa is extremely knowledgable when it comes to dogs and breeding.

Christopher Wall, Edmonton, AB


Very educated and devoted dog breeder….her babies are beautiful and they are family. … she truly cares about the breed.

Kim DeFreese, Laguna Hills, California


Very knowledgeable breeder who truly cares for her dogs! Theresa is always there to answer questions and to share the love of the Chihuahuas. The love and support continues even after her babies have went to their fur-ever homes.

Glenda Ross, Grand Prairie, AB


Fantastic pups and ethics. She puts her heart and soul into her babies. She puts her heart and soul into her Chi’s. I would be proud and honoured to own one of her babies. She gets a 5 Star rating from me.

Kim Hard, Monticello, Georgia


Great site and a breeder who posts excellent information on the Chihuahua breed.  She knows her breed very well.

Anita Chandonia, Allen, Texas


Best Dog Breeder I have ever had the pleasure of know. One of a kind.

Dianna Parenteau, Rochester, AB


Without a doubt the top pet chihuahua breeder in Alberta! Kind, caring, informative and will take the time to answer any questions or concerns you have about a chihuahua whether it was her baby or another breeders. Theresa goes to great lengths to find the perfect home for her babies! She should have a 10 star rating. Keep up the great work….:)

Brenda Daigle, Vancouver, BC


Fabulous lady, fabulous Chihuahuas

Jan May, Sheffield, Tasmania


Very knowledgable and responsible breeder.

K JV Molloy, Port aux Basques, Newfoundland


Informative web page, healthy Chihuahua pups and adults, great communication from breeder, excellent feedback.

Wee Selkie, Canadian Coast