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CocoCoco & JunoJuno

Coco & Juno

“Our experience with Jones Chihuahuas was no less than perfect! It is so hard to find good breeders let alone great ones. Once I discovered the website it was easy from there to go visit and see what’s available. You could most definitely say that these pups were all well taken care of and that they are happy playful. We instantly fell in love with two pups in particular, one white and tan named Juno and another black tri named Christy which we later changed to Coco. The transition from the initial visit to the day we brought our new babies home was flawless and stress free for us and our new additions. We couldn’t ask for better service or support from Jones Chihuahuas, and we love Juno and Coco as if they were our very own children. The thought of living another day without these two precious angles is almost unthinkable knowing what blissful joy they have brought us. We are very pleased and satisfied with them and Jones Chihuahuas and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reputable and respectful breeder of the best (in my opinion) breed out there.”

Hands down the most ethical CKC breeder out there!

Natasha Stefonyk, Fort McMurray, AB




So it was coming up for my birthday I was going to be forty.  I told my husband what I really wanted a little Chihuahua, I had fallen in love with my daughter’s boyfriends little dog which also was a Chihuahua.

Yes we all know that dogs should not be for a birthday present but I am a mature lady and had thought about it a lot I thought.  After persuading my husband, I thought that is it  my mind is made up.

So I found Theresa on the Internet  after some research and was impressed on how she interviewed me really making sure I was worthy of having on of her cute dogs…   I was welcomed into her home with my husband and youngest daughter and fell in love with her dogs.  They were happy, cute and the most important thing, healthy.  I was so pleased when Theresa Put me on her waiting list.  We kept in touch, then our pup was born, my heart was set on a female but Theresa said they were all male, but when I saw a picture of our pup to be I was in love, lol.

Hershey was going to be ours, he was cute, healthy and was named after something delicious and sweet; that is what he is.  We took him home November 2006.  Theresa was great when we went to pick him up and has always been there to support us when I have asked questions about his breed or what to expect as he grows as this is my first dog.

Hershey is a sweet little thing and has a very spunky personality, he follows me all over.  Everyone in our family loves Hershey, also in my house we are all women, me and the three girls so Hershey is my hubby’s buddy!  I run my own Day Home and all the kids love him to bits.  All our neighbour’s know who Hershey is too as we have lots of kids on our street.

We have just been through a little training problem with Hershey as he was very scared when new visitors came to our house.  Theresa’s advice was super and gave me confidence to follow through with the advise.  Hershey now doesn’t look scared when meeting new people and I have the knowledge to know what to do, also her website is a great help.

Chihuahua’s I have found out to be, are super little dogs, not just accessories, they love their family to bits and love to walk.  They are very protective of their families.  Hershey makes me giggle when standing out side in front of our house in his little stance telling people this is my house, you can tell he will love the people who come to visit, but it is his house and I’m looking after it for my owners.  They do need your love and devotion.  You have to know that you are going to be able to spend time with them.

Theresa and I still keep in touch and it’s great to know that all I have to do is email or call and I have support.  A great big thank you to you Theresa and all your hard work.  I love looking at the website checking out any new information.

Vicky Millard, Beaumont, Alberta


Little Pedro/Jones Chihuahuas


My Chihuahua that I adopted from Theresa is now just over a year and a half old.  I went to four different breeders homes and contacted numerous others, but in the end I decided that Theresa was the breeder for me.  Pedro (my now-spoiled Chihuahua) was the one for me.  I’m not saying that the other breeders were not good: I’m just saying that Theresa was what I was looking for: kind, concerned, knowledgeable and humble.  I’ve met many breeders that act like they are THE only breeder that has Chihuahua’s worth looking at.  I believe that when you obtain a pup to add to your family, that you should be able to feel comfortable with the breeder as you are now sharing the life of this dog together.

Theresa was very helpful and I’ve even gone to visit her several times after my initial adoption date, even though she is not in the same city as me.  She’s always offered great advice and even to take care of my dogs when I am unable to take them with me on trips.  Her pups are all very well cared for, socialized, clean and already litter trained when you get them to boot!  I notice her choice of excellent, high-quality dog food and her genuine concern for where her pups go.

I have a total of four dogs, however only one Chihuahua and he is the leader of the bunch (Pedro, a Pomeranian and two Siberian Huskies!).  Though if I were to ever get another Chihuahua, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to only go to Theresa (Jones Chihuahuas) for one of her beautiful pups.  I was also interested in breeding as well and Theresa invited me over to watch one of her litters being born.  After watching, I decided that I didn’t want to breed Chihuahuas after all.  Thanks Theresa

Yunn & Derek Staackniak, Edmonton, AB