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Teddy a.k.a. Mr. Bear

Back in the Fall of 2007 I met my wife, Tonya in the town of Grand Falls-Windsor, NL.  She is the love of my life and I could not imagine anyone more perfect for me.  At the time I was a new graduate Pharmacist, a new home owner, and the owner of two dogs; Paris, a Golden Retriever, and Murphy, a Pomapoo.   She fell in love with them but from time to time would mention the concept of a third dog… Cue the breaks and screeching tires!  Then she mentioned a Chihuahua… then I heard crashing cars and my stomach sunk.  As this is no indication of how I feel now, I did have an unfortunate interaction with a poorly trained “Chi” when I was a child and it had me scarred… Boy was I surprised (more to come…)

So Tonya started her investigations into finding the perfect Chihuahua for her.  She had found several breeders across Canada, but after all her research Jones Chihuahuas in Alberta stood out the most.   At first this seemed a little improbable… A tiny puppy, being flown across Canada and once again, I would be the part-owner of a Chihuahua.  The website was perfect; full of tips, pictures, videos, and amazing testimonials.  Too good to be true you ask?  I think not!  Finally one night, Tonya picked up the phone, as I sat on the other side of the room doing paperwork, and called Theresa.  As I sat there and listened-in on her conversation to a person she had never spoken to before as if she had known her all her life, I wondered what would become of it all.  I heard her talking of, “Tiger Lilly”, “Oreo”, “Sandy”, “Teddy”, “Freddy”, “Timmy” and at that time I knew this was getting serious.  It appeared to me that Theresa was getting a feel for our needs and situation to help us make the right decision.  At the end of this lengthy phone call the decision was made… “Freddy” was coming to Newfoundland!

So in mid-October, during a stormy, windy, rainy, cold, night we drove 5 hours to St. John’s, NL to pick up our “bundle of joy”.  After having my hand slammed by the tonneau cover of my truck and chasing luggage being blown around the hotel parking lot we spent the night anticipating the arrival of “Freddy”, whose new name would now be Teddy.

The next day the storm had calmed and flights were all arriving on time at the airport.  We drove up to Westjet’s Cargo facility to meet Teddy.  My stomach was tied in knots… “What have I agreed to?” I kept asking myself… Then the moment we had all been waiting for; the appearance of the small, green kennel and the tiniest puppy I had ever seen.  Not a sound out of him; not a whimper, cry, growl, snort, nothing.  Tonya was overwhelmed with excitement and I could not believe how drawn I was to him at this moment.  Tonya took him out of his kennel and held him.  I could sense this dog was different.  I have owned a dog as long as I can remember and you develop this over time.  He snuggled into Tonya as if he knew he was home.

We immediately brought him back to the hotel to introduce him to Paris and Murphy, who had come along for the adventure.  This went really well.  Then I introduced Teddy  to his “litter” box and he used it right away! At this point I was really impressed!  After such a long couple days we settled in for a nap.  Teddy was instantly comfortable.  He actually lid against my chest and went to sleep.  It was like he had been with us since birth.  Two years later and he still sleeps between the two of us…

So now Teddy is just about to turn 2 years old.  I think the world of the little guy.  He was so easy to train right from the start.  Sit, lie down, roll over, turn around; these are all minuscule “tricks” for him.  He conquered these in a day or two.  But I dare not ask him for his paw… He looks at me as if to say, “Why would I want to do that?  Are you going to clip my nails???” And with his ears pulled back he backs away as I reach for his paw… He has reversed the role of training onto me now.  He has taught me a trick; when he pushes his, or one of the other dogs’ bowl around the kitchen, it is apparently time for supper.

Teddy has changed my opinion of this breed.  As I finish this testimonial he is asleep on my lap just waiting for me to move.  He is kind, gentle, eager to please, and VERY intelligent.  He has found his place in our little pack of dogs and life would not be the same without him.  We thank you Theresa for being such an amazing breeder.  Teddy is a pleasure to have in our lives and we know we have made the right choice.

Jody and Tonya Pomeroy, Grand Falls – Windsor, Newfoundland




In the beginning we found the website very informative and decided to pay a visit to the Jones Chihuahuas to see their Chihuahuas.  When entering their home Theresa was very informative and trustworthy.  The dogs were happy and healthy.  Robin has brought nothing more then joy and happiness to our lives..  We had some questions regarding her and Theresa was very helpful in answering them.  Robin has become more outgoing and brave everyday and we are so happy with her.  She makes us smile and she makes ever day fun.  We have done some travelling with her and we were very impressed with how well she travels.  She has made some long trips and has made them very easy.  We take her out with us as much as possible and everyone loves to see her especially when she’s all dressed up!

We would recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing a Chihuahua to visit the home of Jones chihuahuas to see the amazing dogs she has raised.

Daryl & Krista Wanner, Edmonton, AB




Theresa, today I received the Canadian Kennel Club transfer for ownership for Pearl to me, I was surprised that the paperwork has been concluded so soon.  I wanted to thank you for all your assistance during the worrisome time of both locating and purchasing a high quality registered Chihuahua pup.  When I first found your web site I was cautious, one reads so much about fraudulent claims on the Internet.  However at each step of the dialogue between us you were more then happy to give me third party references, such as the name of your vet for instance, so I could authenticate your claims regarding the particular puppy.  My concerns over the temperament of the puppy to join my family was also a concern as I have a busy household with three other toy dogs.  You wisely summarized my needs with regard to personality and reassured me that the puppy in question would fit in easily.  My concerns over the need to spay Pearl were met with your offer to have her spayed for me while she was still in your care.  This saved me an inordinate amount of worry and although I was distressed that the puppy would have to undergo abdominal surgery you were quick to reassure me that this operation can lengthen the life expectancy for five years for a female.  Not only did you, through this time, take care of Pearl, you also took out time to telephone me and give me regular updates on her progress, reassuring me and going the extra mile to ensure Pearl had sufficient pain relief to make her comfortable.

Theresa, I can only see clear enough your influence reflected in Pearls behaviour.  She is a most affectionate, playful, happy little girl.  When I registered her directly with my own vet two days after her arrival home with me, he commented on how healthy and sound she was.  She has settled in beautifully with no problems whatsoever and has become a firm family favorite.  No only this, but her physical appearance is utterly aesthetic.  I did bring over a U.K. Kennel club registered Chihuahua with me when my family and I moved to Canada and I thought I would be hard pushed to find a comparable pup.  Well, little did I know I would source out your breeding program and have the good fortune to come along when Pearl was for sale.  I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a well bred Chihuahua registered with the Canadian Kennel Club to open a dialogue with your breeding program and expertise of the breed.  I thank you for making the transition between looking for a new girl for our family and finding the Puppy of our dreams a stress free enjoyable process of excitement.  I thank you also for the CD you made full of pictures of Pearl and her birth family for us to keep for posterity, I hope we can add many more photos over the years to come.

Lynne Dutchman, Penticton, BC