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 I had wanted a Chihuahua for years, but this year my boyfriend and I finally decided that we were ready to take on the responsibility and get ourselves a new baby. I had a hard time finding a reputable breeder in Newfoundland so I decided that I would wait until I went to Alberta to visit family. I began researching Chihuahua breeders in Alberta and I was disappointed with most, many breeders would tell me the price and didn’t seem to know much else about the breed. One day while on the net I came across the Jones Chihuahua’s web site and I was delighted with the amount of information on the site. I checked the available puppies page and saw King, he just so happened to be everything I was looking for he was a tan male with a calm temperament and of course like the rest of the puppies he was beautiful. I tried not to get my hopes up yet, but I had a good feeling about Theresa. I immediately emailed her answering the questions on her site and she called me a few hours later. We were on the phone for over an hour, I could tell by the way she talked about her dogs that they were her passion. She had so much information to give and she answered many of the questions that I had before I even asked them. She urged me to visit her and King before I made my decision and I had no problem making the extra effort. I knew that she wanted to meet the person who would be caring for her sweet little boy and it was also important to me to meet her and her dogs.

I went to visit Theresa when King was only 6 weeks old. All of her dogs were so friendly and beautiful. I was amazed at how well Theresa knew her dogs, a dog in another room would bark and she would know exactly what dog it was. King was everything that I had hoped for, he was playful and he would calm down and relax as soon as you would pick him up. During the visit he fell asleep in my lap and I knew that he was going to be my baby.

It is now about 4 months later and King truly is more wonderful than I ever could have imagined. From the moment I brought him home I knew that he was a special boy. When he was only 11 weeks old it took me less than 5 minutes to teach him to sit and give me his paw. He is a very smart boy and he continues to amaze me every day. He is more than just a pet to us, he truly is part of the family. He loves meeting new people and he is a very popular little guy. Everywhere we go people pay attention to him. Most people say that he is the cutest Chihuahua they have ever seen, and even his vet is amazed at how healthy and beautiful he is. All of my friends wish that they could have a dog like him, but he’s all mine.

Theresa I would like to thank you, I am so lucky to have King, and I am so lucky to have come across Jones Chihuahua’s. You are such a wonderful person, if only all breeders were as knowledgeable and caring as you are the world would be a better place. My boyfriend and I plan to get another Chihuahua in a couple of years and I wouldn’t dream of going somewhere else for a puppy.

Katie Murphy, St. John’s, NL


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My boyfriend has a Chihuahua named Belle and I became sold on the Chihuahua breed because of her and decided I wanted one of my own.  I had been offered several different Chihuahua pups from various people who knew breeders or knew of local litters and though all were adorable and some came with very low price tags, I knew that this could not be an impulsive decision.

I bought books on the breed and began doing research on the Internet.  I found Jones’ Chihuahuas in a random Google search and was very impressed with the web site’s content.  I could tell Theresa cared about the Chihuahua breed, not just breeding (and Selling).I decided to contact Theresa and ask to be put on her waiting list for a pup.  I answered the questions that were on her web site and told her I would prefer a male but that I would take whatever was born.  I didn’t tell her, but in my head I was hoping for a black & tan male pup. Theresa was very friendly and very informative.  She put me on the waiting list.

A few weeks later in early May, I got a call on my cell phone.  It was Theresa telling me that someone had dropped off the waiting list and she now had an available male pup from the spring litter who would be ready to go to a new home in June.  The minute I saw his precious little black and tan face and his soulful eyes, I knew that this was the right pup for me.  This was my Gus.

The next month I was overwhelmed with stuff to do to get ready for Gus.  Theresa was always there via phone or email to help out however she could- maps to her home, faxing contracts, information on travelling with a pup, etc.  She gave me updates and pictures of Gus almost weekly.

When I picked him up, I could see first hand how well these pups had been raised thus far.  Theresa’s house is completely puppy friendly with nice, clean, gated puppy areas inside and a gorgeous fenced lawn for them to play outside.  Both the adult dogs and the pups were so well adjusted, clam and happy.

Theresa spent a lot of time with me that day.  She didn’t mind all my first time puppy owner questions and she made sure Gus and I had everything we would need to transition into our new life together – food, baby blanket, toy, Vet papers, purchase papers, tips on feeding and crating, etc.

The contract I signed with Jones’ Chihuahuas was very detailed and organized.  Some people don’t understand why it should be that way.  Because my previous dog had been a rescue dog who suffered from abuse, neglect and illness before I took him in, I knew Theresa’s contract ensured that my Gus would always be cared for.  It was a true sign that Jones’ Chihuahuas are top notch breeders.

Gus transitioned easily and boned with me instantly.  He’s smart, confident, playful, gentle and loves to cuddle.  He’s already answers to his name and walks well on a leach.  Everyone who meets him says “Are you sure he’s a pure bred Chihuahua?  He’s so calm and well behaved.”  To which I always answer “that’s because he’s well bred.”  And then I give them one of Theresa’s card.

Puppies can be an overwhelming experience, but Gus is a joy to train and raise.  And Knowing Theresa is always only an email away is a comfort.  I can’t say enough about how happy I am with my Jones’ Chihuahua and how enjoyable the whole experience was.  Gus is the best thing that ever happened to me!  Thank you Theresa!

Victoria Pattison, Vancouver, BC


After much research of where to purchase my first Chihuahua puppy I found Theresa of Jones Chihuahuas.  I have rescued dogs of all breeds and sizes for over 30 years and decided I wanted a Chihuahua from a puppy so I could train her for pet therapy at the hospital where I work as a Child Life Specialist, play therapy, on the Paediatric floor of the U.H.N.B.C. in Prince George, BC.
Jazz was only 2lbs 7 oz when she flew from her home in Alberta to me in Prince George and when I picked her up at the airport and opened the kennel door, she dropped her ears, leaned forward ,wagged her tail and kissed me on the face!  She has been an “in your face” assertive little girl ever since.  She is strong willed, confident with any dog regardless of size, and plays non stop with one of her “sisters” Jenna , a 4yr old puppy mill Minpin.  She  was easy to house train ,using an x-pen and paper in a plastic container as learned with Theresa, She now does her business on command which is important with the work I am training her to do as time is limited.  She also adjusted to harness/leash/coat and boots quickly which is a necessity here in the Winter months..
At 6 months took her into work for 10-15 minutes couple times a week, just to acclimatize her to everything.  At 10 months old I took her to my place of work, as I want her to get used to different smells, sounds, the noise level, crying, fast paced activities and of course being hugged, kissed, and picked up frequently for longer periods of time.  I took her in for 2 hrs first time and she was very inquisitive, which is a good sign, did not bolt at dropped items and the noise they make, loved the attention of all the kids and the staff who just loved her to death and give her numerous treats especially when I’m not looking!
As time went on she has progressed to 2 morning’s weekly helping out with chemotherapy part timers, inpatients/outpatients, when blood has to be taken, IV starts, medication given, and various other not so nice procedures.  She helps by taking the focus off the patient and with talking about her, stroking/hugging her the procedures often go ahead more quickly and with less stress for the part time.
This past week I was very proud of her.  We had a pt, 5 yrs old, who was beside herself at the thought of having blood work done. Nothing helped, so when I carefully placed Jazz next to her, jazz moved onto the pts chest, put her head down and went to sleep! This young girl was yelling with apprehension and Jazz just stayed where she was, perfectly still and when all was over, opened her eyes, leaned forward and gently kissed this young girl on the nose.  She has also on more than one occasion let a pt hold her paw, which I encourage the pt to do, as a comfort while blood being taken. Jazz sits beside or in front of the pt and her calming nature helps each child cope with whatever it is we are trying to in a more calm way which is a benefit to all..
She still has work to do but I am so proud of her accomplishments so far and look forward to many, many years of service from this little girl with a big attitude.  Thanks Theresa
Sandra Wyatt, Prince Gorge, BC