Vehicle Safety

Most people agree that their dogs are like family members.  They will buy only the best for their dogs and try to protect them from danger in the home but 80% of dogs owners don’t protect their dogs when it comes to traveling with them in a motor vehicle.

When I was growing up safety was not much of an issue when it came to children or people in general, in a vehicle.  I remember traveling in the back seat with out a seat belt and that was because our car didn’t even have seat belts in it.  Times have changed and safety has to come first and foremost to survive vehicle accidents.  So when I had my children they were in their car seats because I wanted them safe and I also put my beloved dogs in a crate or kennel so that they would be safe as well.

In 2001 I got an email from a lady that wanted to tell me her story about how her little Chihuahua was killed in a car accident.  She had her dog on the passenger seat next to her.  She was three blocks from home when someone hit her from behind when she stopped at a stop sign.  There was not much damage to her car, just a little dent, but her dog had been flung into the dash of the car and was killed instantly.  Her baby dog of 4 years was no longer going to be playing with her and her family.

Since then I have had over 460 people either call or email me with their stories and of those only a handful of dogs have survived the car crashes.  Most had their dogs either in their arms or in a car bag or on the seat, not one was strapped down or harnessed.  If you have a role over, the best chance your dog has is to be in a plastic or steel cage or kennel and having it strapped into place in the vehicle.  My dogs love to travel in their plastic kennels.  I open them up and they know we are going on a trip.  They like to sleep in them and wake up in a new place.

Please keep your dog safe and make sure that he or she is strapped down in a safety crate or kennel when they are in the vehicle.  It only takes one or two minutes to strap them in and you know that they are safe.  So keep all of your family members safe and remember accidents do happen, so please be prepared.